Resolution of the Board of Governors of 12 November 2014, amended by resolution of the Board of Governors of 1 July 2015 and by resolution of Board of Governors of 23 february 2022


Article 1. Purpose and applicable regulation

1. The purpose of these regulations is to establish the rules governing the study programme of the UPF Open Bachelor's Degree.

2. Outside the specific provisions laid down in these regulations, the general academic regulations of the University will be applicable to students admitted to the programme.

3. The regulations of the University concerning continuance will be applicable to students entering UPF through the Open Bachelor's Degree in the first year of the programme.

4. To calculate the progression applicable to the first year in which the student takes the destination degree, all credits passed during the first year of the programme will be taken into account in order to guarantee that he or she takes a number of credits equivalent to an academic year.

Modified by resolution of Board of Governors of 1 july 2015

Article 2. Academic supervisory bodies

1. The programme will have an academic coordinator with functions equivalent to those of a director of studies, appointed by the Rector, who will be responsible for the tutoring and monitoring of the students for the first two years and until the degree course is chosen and assigned.

2. Students will have specific academic tutors for the programme who, under the guidance of the academic coordinator, will perform academic advisory and monitoring duties for the students for the first two years of the studies.

3. Each centre shall appoint an interlocutor from its management team to confirm the courses offered in each academic year, advise the academic coordinator and the academic tutors with regard to the subjects of the corresponding discipline, assess in conjunction with the academic coordinator each student's record at the time of application for admission, and guarantee the availability of places in each degree course in the call for admission.


Article 3. Access to the programme

1. Access to the programme will be by ordinary university entrance application, which will include a specific option with places for access to the UPF Open Bachelor's Degree.

2. The access and admission requirements will be the same as the general requirements established for access to any Bachelor's degree course.

3. The places offered will be determined by the University in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Generalitat of Catalonia.


Article 4. Enrolment

1. Before formalising their enrolment, students shall address to the academic coordinator of the programme a letter of motivation setting forth their reasons for taking this programme and a brief description of the studies and disciplines in which they are interested, with a view to determining which subjects are most appropriate.

2. The subjects to be taken by the student in the first four terms shall correspond to the first and second year of any of the Bachelor's degree courses included in the programme.

3. In the first year, students admitted to the programme must necessarily enrol for a number of credits equivalent to the first year of any Bachelor's degree course.

4. Students shall take subjects in two or more Bachelor's degrees, and in the first year the credits cannot coincide with any of the ordinary Bachelor's degrees by more than 70%.


Article 5. Student information, reception and tutoring

1. The University will create a specific website with information about this programme and will organise specific sessions of the University Introduction Course (UIC) for students taking the programme, without prejudice to their being able to meet the requirements with any of the UICs already offered by the University's Bachelor degree courses.

2. The University will offer personalised tutoring for both the choice of subjects within the programme and the student's choice of degree qualification, through the academic coordinator of the programme and the academic tutor.


Article 6. Degree qualification 

1. The bachelor’s degree that students can choose to follow who have been accepted onto the Open Degree Programme may be any of the degree programmes currently offered by UPF, with the exception of the interuniversity degrees, degrees that provide qualifications for a regulated profession and degrees taught in affiliated centres.

2. UPF guarantees a place on the Bachelor's degree course mentioned in the section above for students admitted to the programme, on condition that they meet the continuance standards. These students will be guaranteed a place on the Bachelor's degree course of their preference, on condition that their university admission grade was no lower than the minimum admission grade for their access route to those studies in the year they were admitted to the programme.

Modified by resolution of Board of Governors 23 february 2022

Article 7. Admission to the Bachelor's degree course

1. The competent vice-rector in teaching and academic planning matters is responsible for issuing a specific call for applications aimed exclusively at students admitted to the programme to assign them a place on one of the Bachelor's degree courses of the programme.

2. This call will have two periods:

a. For students interested in starting the destination degree in the first term of the following academic year, the period will open during the third term.

b. For the rest of the students, the period will open no later than the beginning of the first term of the second year of enrolment.

3. The students will formalise their application for admission, with advice from their academic tutor, within the period established in the call for applications.

4. The call for applications for admission to the Bachelor's degree course shall contain at least the following aspects:

a. Number of places offered in each of the UPF Bachelor's degree courses included in the programme. Places will be offered to students on the programme in all these degrees.

b. Deadlines.

c. Admission criteria for each Bachelor's degree course, which must take into account the grade for admission to the University, the academic achievement obtained in the first year of studies at UPF, and the affinity of the subjects taken with the chosen qualification. The fulfilment of these criteria will be assessed by the programme coordinator and the academic interlocutor of the centre providing the studies applied for.

5. Once admitted to the corresponding Bachelor's degree course, the student will be considered a student of that course to all intents and purposes.

6. In all matters not covered by the admission process, the regulations governing the admission of students with commenced university studies will be applicable.

Modified by resolution of Board of Governors of 1 july 2015

Article 7bis. Inclusion of credits taken in the academic record of the destination degree

Subjects will be incorporated into the destination degree ex officio. The student is not required to request this expressly.

1. Any basic training subjects belonging to the destination degree will be incorporated into this academic record automatically.

2. Any basic training subjects not belonging to the destination degree, and also compulsory and optional subjects, will be recognised in the academic record of this degree in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the academic regulations for Bachelor's degree courses.

3. All other subjects will be recognised as optional credits.

4. If, as a result of the incorporation of credits from the Open Bachelor's Degree programme, the student exceeds the maximum number of enrolment credits established in the regulations before obtaining the degree qualification, the competent vice-rector in teaching matters may resolve the exceeding of this limit in order for the student to be able to obtain his or her official qualification.

Added by resolution of Board of Governors of 1 july 2015

Article 8. Graduation

1. Once the students have satisfactorily met the requirements of the curriculum of the destination degree, they will be awarded the corresponding Bachelor's degree qualification.

2. Additionally, students may choose, if they so wish, to accept a UPF-endorsed degree which reflects having taken a minimum of credits of a discipline other than that of the degree qualification, in accordance with specific regulations to be approved by the Board of Governors.


Article 9. Monitoring Committee

1. A Programme Monitoring Committee will be set up with the following functions:

a. To assess the development of the programme and inform the competent university bodies with regard to its specific needs.

b. To organise and coordinate the programme academically and administratively and to ensure its quality in coordination with the corresponding centres and departments.

c. Any other function assigned to it by the competent university bodies.

2. It will be made up of the following members:

a. The academic coordinator of the programme, who will preside.

b.Three lecturers with first-year teaching duties from different studies, designated by the competent Vice-Rector for Teaching and Academic Planning.

d. One student chosen from among and by the students on the programme.

e. One officer from the Academic Management Service, who will act as secretary.