Agreement of the Governing Board, 4 July 2000.

(This translation into English is of an informative nature. The official version is originally in Catalan.)

1. Area of application 

These regulations are applicable to users of any computer equipment in the rooms and workshops of the Pompeu Fabra University, and the shared computer equipment in the Library, including the office software stations (OSS) and information stations (CS).

2. Users

The following are users of computer rooms and the other shared computer equipment:

a. Teaching and research staff (TRS) either associated administratively to or employed by the UPF.

b. Administration and services staff (ASS) either associated administratively to or employed by the UPF. 

c. UPF first, second or third cycle students. 

d. Students, lecturers and researchers on exchange programmes, for the duration of their official stay at the UPF. 

e. Students on UPF-approved postgraduate, pregraduate and university extension courses during the period covered by registration on the course concerned. 

f. Other individuals and groups specifically authorised by the UPF.

3. Regulations of use

3.1. Permitted uses

The computer rooms, workshops and equipment included in the area of application of these regulations may be used as follows

a. For planned teaching, theoretical or practical activities, related to the subjects taught at the University; or which as a result of agreements with other institutions, are authorised on an occasional and specific basis (except for the OSS and CS). 

b. For planned theoretical or practical training activities for University staff, whether TRS or ASS (except for the OSS and CS). 

c. For activities related to studies, teaching, research or management inherent in the University's work, with a system of free access when none of the activities mentioned in the points above are scheduled.

3.2. Conditions of use:

a. Teaching work has priority over free access work (except for the OSS and CS). 

b. The University will decide upon the opening hours of the areas and will provide appropriate information in that respect. 

c. The University may require users to have a network access account to use the computers. In this case, if the user does not have an account, he/she will be unable to use the computers. 

d. Users must at all times maintain silence and a respectful attitude to other users, as appropriate in an area given over to work. 

e. Users must use the material in the classrooms correctly and respect it. 

f. Users must also be responsible for their access account, and for the access password to it in particular, and comply with the regulations approved by the University with regard to its use. Users must under all circumstances respect the space reserved for others. 

g. Users must identify themselves when asked to do so by the staff designated by the UPF as responsible for the equipment. Users must also follow the registration instructions at the start and end of the session stipulated by the University. 

h. If there are no computers available, users using them for a period of more than an hour and forty-five minutes must make way for users who are waiting, within 15 minutes at most.

3.3. Prohibited uses and activities:

a. Any action that may endanger the UPF equipment or which could inconvenience other users. The UPF computers and equipment and network connections may not be used for actions that endanger equipment belonging to other institutions or which inconvenience users in other places. 

b. Any alterations to the hardware and software or files that the Computing Unit has installed, unless specific authorisation has been received. In particular, modification of the normal computer booting process as installed by the Computing Unit is prohibited. 

c. Installation of any program, computer or peripheral not authorised by the Computing Unit.

d. Use of the printers, changing the connection system planned by the Computing Unit. 

e. Smoking, eating and drinking in areas where the equipment is installed.

f. Use of the equipment for personal work or leisure purposes.

3.4. Booking of areas and computers:

a. In order to be able to use the University rooms and workshops, and the individual computers therein, the appropriate booking must be made.

b. Booking of an entire computer room or workshop must be made through the centre's administration, in accordance with the University's regulations for booking areas. 

c. Rooms and workshops must be booked one week in advance. On an exceptional basis, and for duly justified reasons, this period may be shorter.

d. A computer can be booked by means of the booking program, which is accessible from the computers in the rooms or in the Library. 

e. Bookings of rooms, workshops and computers must be respected by all users. In particular, users must leave the room and make the computers available and in good working order five minutes before the scheduled time of a teaching activity. 

f. In cases of free access, users with a booking have preference for use over other users within the period of time booked. This priority will be lost ten minutes after the start of the booking time if the use has not been put into effect. 

g. The room and workshop hire system is subject to the rates and regulations approved by the University's governing bodies.

h. Under no circumstances may these activities involve actions that hinder the normal operation of the rooms or the computers in them for other users. 

i. CS computers are not subject to the bookings system.

3.5. Installation of programs:

a. Requests for the installation of new programs in the computer rooms or changes to those existing may be made by members of the TRS group, with at least one week's notice given.

b. No programs can be installed or modified if this hinders the operation of other applications that are being used or affects the normal teaching of other subjects. 

c. After the academic year has begun, the versions of programs and their operating systems used by more than one course cannot be changed without prior authorisation from the academic heads of all the courses involved.


4. Maintenance of computers

The Computing Unit is responsible for the appropriate maintenance of the hardware and software on the equipment covered by these regulations, in order to meet the needs of users.

The Computing Unit may cut off the service to computer rooms or other shared computer equipment for maintenance, replacement or repair. These actions will be taken in such a way that they create the least disturbance possible in services to users, and notification by e-mail will be given at three days in advance, except in cases of force majeure.

5. Responsibilities

In accordance with the disciplinary regulations applicable to members of the university community, the University will penalise any breach of these regulations, without prejudice to the civil or criminal liabilities that may be incurred.

To that end, these regulations are deemed to be regulations defining the good order of the service.

The head of the Computing Unit can decide, as a preventive or complementary measure, to suspend access to the computer rooms and network on an indefinite basis or for a fixed period of time. In this case, he/she will notify the competent vice-rector in the subject, who will decide the actions to be taken where appropriate. 

Users are responsible for the damage that may arise from misuse of the areas and equipment. 

Additional provision. The Regulations for use of the computer rooms by students contained in appendix I of the Regulations for use of UPF areas, equipment and installations approved by agreement of the Governing Board on 13 November 1997 are revoked.