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    Introduction to International Relations
    Contemporary International Relations
    International Business Policy
    International Finance Economics
    International Finance Operations
    Foreign Trade I
    Foreign Trade II
    International Economics II
    International Macroeconomics I
    International Macroeconomics II
    Present and Future of European Integration
    European Economy
    International Business History
    Conflict of Laws
    International Civil Procedure
    International Trade Law
    International Economic Law
    European Union Law
    International Public Law
    Current Issues in Business Policy
       International Behavior
    Social Corporate Responsability and Business Ethics
    Management of the Family Firm
    Management of the Sport and Leisure Firms
    Business Games
    Business Taxation
    Public Sector I
    Public Sector II
    Analysis of Public Policies
    Spanish Fiscal System
    Management of Public Firms
    Management of Health Institutions
    Nonprofit Organizations Management
    Public Sector Finance
    Public Management
    Management for Service Firms
      Econometrics II
     Econometrics III
    Applied Econometrics
    Multivariate Analysis
    Forecasting Techniques
    Statistics for Finance
    Markets and Derivatives
    Business Valuation
    Banking and Financial Institutions
    Corporate Finance III
    Mathematics for Finance
    Current Issues in Corporate Finance
    Marketing Research I
    Marketing Research II
    Product Management
    Cosumer Behavior
    New Topics in Marketing Management
    Price Policy
    Cost Accounting II
    Firms and Accounting
    Consolidated Financial Statements
    Public Accounting
    Management Control
    Current Issues in Financial Accounting
    Current Issues in Management Accounting
    Applied Economy
    Information Systems
    Quality Management
    Business Logistics
    Operations Research
    Programming I
    Programming II
    Human Resources II
    Labor Economics
    Innovation and Technological Change
    Law and Economics
    Information Economics
    Industrial Organization
    Environmental Economics
    Experimental Economics
    Regulation and Competition Policies
    Topics in Applied Economics
    Political Economy and Political Institutions Economics
    Financial Institutions History
      History of Business Thought
     International Economic History
    Corporate Law
    Collective Labor Law
    Legal English
    Seminar Paper