“We will see radical changes, both in the way we create and consume music, due to artificial intelligence”

Sergi Jordà has extensive research experience in music and technology and is a member of the Music Technology Group (MTG), which has 30 years of experience in this field. The MTG has recently completed a project to analyse the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence in the world of music.

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The shrinking gap between languages and technology: thirty years of changes at the UPF Faculty of Translation and Language Sciences

Increasingly more diverse and technological research
Fifteen years training Catalan Sign Language interpreters

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‘Delicacies’ at the UPF Library: Fifteen diverse and unique works, in the spotlight

Presenting a sample of diverse documents from the UPF Library’s catalogue, many acquired through donations and transfers. Whether because of their antiquity, the specific characteristics of the edition, distinctive elements they contain, or the fact that they represent milestones, all can be considered unique.

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Get on the track this summer with the Barcelona International Summer School 2023

The BISS is a reference program to enrich the curriculum of students from UPF and other universities, both national and international, during the summer.

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The war in Ukraine

UPF has created a website to bring together relevant information about the war, with opinion articles and solidarity initiatives that emerge from the community

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Primates’ DNA highlights applications for human health

Primates’ DNA highlights applications for human health

The genomes of 233 primate species reveal key features of primate evolution, human disease and biodiversity conservation. The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE, CSIC-UPF), Pompeu Fabra University, Illumina, and Baylor College of Medicine have co-led a series of major new studies that will be published in special issue of the journal Science.


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