"Computers let us digitalise the paintbrush; thanks to AI, with KREA you interact directly with a painter"

Víctor Pérez, UPF graduate from the bachelor’s programme in Audiovisual Systems Engineering, has specialised in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has founded KREA, a startup developing a creative interface for graphic design. At the +Rain Film Festival, the first festival in Europe with films generated by AI, he will take part on 14 June as a speaker at the round table discussion on "AI narratives.

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The shrinking gap between languages and technology: thirty years of changes at the UPF Faculty of Translation and Language Sciences

Increasingly more diverse and technological research
Fifteen years training Catalan Sign Language interpreters

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How will AI coexist with human music? The future is now

Imagine a world where the next hit song is written not by a human songwriter but by a machine. That future could already be the present. Following rapid advances in artificial intelligence and other new technologies, the Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University has led a project to analyze the changes in how music is created, distributed and listened to.

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Get on the track this summer with the Barcelona International Summer School 2023

The BISS is a reference program to enrich the curriculum of students from UPF and other universities, both national and international, during the summer.

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The war in Ukraine

UPF has created a website to bring together relevant information about the war, with opinion articles and solidarity initiatives that emerge from the community

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Record interest in Catalan by international students and students from the rest of Spain at UPF

Record interest in Catalan by international students and students from the rest of Spain at UPF

Compared to last year, UPF has more than doubled the number of international students enrolled in Catalan courses, skyrocketing from 260 to 613. The University’s effort to increase training in Catalan has led to a 55% increase in the courses on offer, with 48 of different levels aimed at the UPF community and the general public. These data endorse the good functioning of the UPF programme of cultural and language reception courses, which has been running for almost 10 years.


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