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Rosa Ferrer investigates gender gaps in performance among high-skilled professionals

Research examines gender performance indicators to better understand why wage gaps and professional discrepancies exist between men and women

Isaac Baley awarded Marie Curie Fellowship for research on markets and policy uncertainty

Prof. Baley will investigate the relationships between global policy uncertainty and international financial markets, linking international finance, asset pricing, and macroeconomics

"Political connections: evidence from insider trading around TARP" in Barcelona GSE Focus Review

An article about the working paper number 1542  of our series: "Political connections: evidence from insider trading around...

Ruben Durante wins AEJ 2017 award for Best Paper in Applied Economics

UPF Department of Economics and Business professor Ruben Durante has won a 2017 award from the American Economic Journal (AEJ) for the Best Paper in Applied Economics.

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     July 6-7, 2017 

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