Ordinary Call 2024-25

Publication dates:

  • Apply: From April 22h to April 30th 2024
  • Check the status of your registration: From May 7th 2024
  • Deadline for correcting incomplete registration:  From May 7th  to May 22, 2024
  • Check the status of your registration if you have completed it: From May 24th 2024
  • Publication of phase 1 resolution: From May 29th 2024
  • Publication of phase 2 resolution: From June 12th 2024
  • Payment reservation of the place: From June 17th to June 19th 2024
  • Enrollment: See the enrollment website
In order to be able to access the resolution of the admission process phase 2, you must select your ID and enter your date of birth as a password as follows::  DDMMYYYY