PhD in Economics, Finance and Management

Filippo Ippolito, Placement Officer

Filippo Ippolito

Placement Officer 2018-19

After completing their degrees, alumni pursue diverse careers all over the world. Alumni have obtained select positions in industries such as banking and financial institutions, international organisations, consultancies, research institutions, and the public sector. See our list of alumni.

A growing, global network of talented professionals and academics, our recently graduated PhD alumni benefit from the high-quality education and prestige of the GPEFM programme.

The below students exemplify great commitment and passion in their studies and are well qualified for competitive placement.

Caracciolo, Giacomo  
Job Market Paper: Social Security and Inequality in Segmented Financial Markets
Advisors: Prof. Davide Debortoli and Prof. Jordi Galí
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Fiscal Policy. Monetary Policy. Financial Frictions.
Chan, Jenny  
Job Market Paper: Monetary Policy and Sentiment Driven Fluctuations
Advisors: Prof. Vladimir Asriyan and Prof. Edouard Schaal
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics. Financial Econometrics.
Geng, Yining  
Job Market Paper: Intergenerational Mobility in China across Space and Time
Advisor: Prof. Maria Petrova 
Research Fields: Development Economics. Political Economy. Public Economics. Economic History.
Hedtrich, Christoph  
Job Market Paper: The Link between Labor Market Dynamism and Job Polarization
Advisor: Prof. Jan Eeckhout
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Labor Economics. Urban Economics.
Lerche, Adrian  
Job Market Paper: Investment Tax Credits and the Response of Firms
Advisor: Prof. Albrecht Glitz
Research Fields: Labor Economics. Public Economics. Applied Microeconomics.
Ou, Shengliang  
Job Market Paper: The Government Spending Multiplier at the Zero Lower Bound
Advisors: Prof. Davide Debortoli and Prof. Jordi Galí
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics. Time Series Econometrics.
Santamaria, Marta  
Job Market Paper: The Gains from Reshaping Infrastructure: Evidence from the Division of Germany
Advisor: Jaume Ventura
Research Fields: International Trade. Urban Economics. Development Economics
Yang, Guohao  
Job Market Paper: Infrastructure and Global Value Chain Position: Evidence from China 
Advisors: David Nagy and Jaume Ventura
Research Fields: International Trade. Economic Geography