Globalization, Economic Policy and Political Structure
Jaume Ventura talks about his European Research Council Advanced Grant Project, "Globalization, Economic Policy and Political Structure".

28th Lliçó d'Economia
Andrei Shleifer delivers opening lecture for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Mathematics in song: "It had to be U"

In an invited paper at the 20th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics at the University of Tartu, Estonia, Prof. Michael Greenacre wrote a song and accompanying visuals to explain the most important result in his research: the singular value decomposition, or SVD.

Michael Greenacre
UPF and Barcelona GSE
How do finance markets and banks work? 

The Research Centre for Financial Economics and Accounting (CREFC) is devoted to research, education and consultancy in the fields of finance and accounting. The person in charge of the CREFC, Xavier Freixas, and several researchers explain the projects they are carrying out.
Health policy based on efficiency, health management based on evidence 

The Economics and Health Research Centre (CRES) is an interdisciplinary institution of reference for the research and teaching of health economics and health care management. The claim is to influence on the changing process of new training for health professionals and health services management.
Experimental Results

The "Laboratori d'economia experimental" (LeeX), one of the pioneers in Europe, aims to understand the reality of economic behavior and economic institutions, through controlled experiments.
"Never before have so few owed so much to so many"

Prof. Xavier Freixas plays on the famous words of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to explain the impact of bank bailouts on taxpayers during the recent global financial crisis.

Xavier Freixas
UPF and Barcelona GSE
A Theory of Optimal Random Crackdowns

Do the Belgian police use speed traps effectively to put the brakes on crime? Professor Jan Eeckhout will determine if they pass inspection.

Jan Eeckhout
ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE
How Do People Perceive Risk in Everyday Situations?

Professor Robin Hogarth uses a novel new methodology to demonstrate that even relatively simple measures of mood state can have a significant effect on perception of risk.

Robin Hogarth
ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE
Growth, Democracy, and Civil War

Latest research by Professor Antonio Ciccone reveals a link between downturns of international commodities prices and the outbreak of civil war in Sub-Saharan African countries. Additional analysis suggests that a country's form of government may be a crucial factor in predicting civil war in the case of economic depression.

Antonio Ciccone
ICREA-UPF, CREI, and Barcelona GSE
Betting on Hitler: The Value of Political Connections in Nazi Germany

According to new research by Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor Joachim Voth, firms supporting the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) outperformed the stock market by 5-10% after the Nazi party seized power in 1933.

Joachim Voth
ICREA-UPF, CREI, and Barcelona GSE