Behavioral Experimental Sciences Laboratory


Behavioral Experimental Sciences Laboratory

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The Behavioral Experimental Sciences Laboratory (BESLab) was created in 2014 as a joint effort involving the merging of the first experimental economics laboratory in Spain, LeeX, the experimental lab of the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Political and Social Sciences laboratory. This new interdisciplinary laboratory brings together researchers from psychology, experimental economics, marketing science, political science, sociology, neuroscience and other relevant fields. In addition to its role as the experimental platform for research, the BESLab hosts a number of conferences on experiment-based approaches and methods. It holds annually a summer school for doctoral students, and workshops for researchers specializing in experimental macroeconomics. The laboratory and the different software platforms managed by the BESLAB are also used for (in-class) experiments in the undergraduate, master, and graduate programs run by the department.



BESLab: Behavioral Experimental Sciences Laboratory
Department of Economics and Business

Mercè Rodoreda building (Ciutadella campus)
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

 93 542 25 87

[email protected]

The new laboratory is located in the room 24.320