Agreement of the board of governors of 26 october 2022

Article 1. Scope of application

The course guide and the subject learning plan are applicable to all official undergraduate and master's degree studies at Pompeu Fabra University.

Article 2. Subject course guide

2.1. Concept

The course guide, which is unique to each subject, is the instrument of the curriculum that defines the subject teaching organization model. It is public and can be consulted in the academic dissemination areas provided by the University. The course guide must be consistent and correspond to the stipulations of the report of the accredited official qualification.

2.2. Contents

2.2.1. The course guide must contain the following contents:

  • Name of the subject
  • Academic year
  • Centre
  • Study
  • Number of credits
  • Year of studies
  • Languages of instruction
  • Teaching staff
  • Presentation of the subject
  • Skills /Learning outcomes
  • Contents
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Assessment and qualification system

2.2.2. The contents relating to the assessment and qualification system must be updated annually. The remaining contents will only be modifiable when there are changes that require updating the course guide.

2.3. Preparation

The preparation of the course guide is the responsibility of the academic officers of the centre, thus they must establish the mechanisms they deem appropriate to coordinate the process.

The teaching staff responsible for the subject must update the assessment section each year.

2.4. Publication

The course guide must be published within the deadlines established by the University and always prior to the enrolment period.

2.5. Language

The course guide must be written in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Article 3. The subject learning plan

3.1. Concept

The subject learning plan is the instrument that details the planning of activities and their alignment with the subject’s assessment plan, consistently developing the corresponding course guide. In no case may the content of the learning plan modify or contradict the subject course guide.

3.2. Contents

The learning plan contains the explicit and comprehensive details of the planning of the activities of the subject, developing the content of the corresponding course guide.

As a dynamic instrument it permits modifications from one academic year to another and its contents can have various degrees of detail.

The learning plan must contain the following information:

1. Activity plan

- Tasks with the specification of teaching methodologies

- Student dedication hours

- Type of learning action

- Social design

- Materials, resources, recommended reading, tools and spaces

- Alignment with the assessment

2. Assessment plan:

- Type of assessment

- Assessment criteria

- Assessment instruments

- Alignment with skills (or learning outcomes)

3.3. Preparation

The preparation of the learning plan is the responsibility of the teaching staff of the subject, who must update it annually.

3.4. Publication

The publication and dissemination of the learning plan will be via the Aula Global of the subject within the deadlines established by the University and always before the subject starts.

Publication will be made autonomously by the teaching staff teaching the subject and will not require intermediate administrative procedures.

3.5. Language

The learning plan of the subject must be written in the language or languages of instruction of the subject.