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JMC Seminar: European Labour Market Mobility

JMC Seminar: European Labour Market Mobility

BACES and the EUGov Jean Monnet Chair have invited Prof. Luís Ortiz Gervasi from UPF to provide a seminar on regional imbalances and internal mobility in European Labour Markets. 


The teams from the Center of Excellence BACES and from the EUGov Chair have had the pleasure to host a seminar by Prof. Luís Ortiz Gervasi, who is  is coordinator of the Research Master in Sociology and Demography (UPF) and specialized in teachings about 'Labour Market Policies and Economics'.

Under this occasion, the title of the seminar was "European Labour Markets, Workers' Mobility and Social Protection". Prof. Ortiz has had the chance to present the results of a research on the European Labour Market by focusing on matters of regional imbalances and internal mobility. 

The activity was oriented at BA students from our University, and it was hosted on the Blackboard Collaborate Learning Platform. It was moderate by EUGov Chair Member Prof. Andrea Noferini. 

As foreseen by the current online strategy for teaching and dissemination, we have recorded the event and uploaded it on the BACES Youtube Channel for sharing. 

Our teams express great satisfaction towards a high rate of attendance (a peak of 101 participants) and are already planning for the next seminar, which should still be held virtually in the first part of 2021. 

Above, you can click on the video in order to watch the entire seminar. 

Below, you can check the poster of the event, as well as some screenshots of the event. 






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