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Academic Director

Maria Teresa Cabré. Ph.D. in Philosophy and Letters (Section: Filologia Romànica-Hispànica) from the University of Barcelona (1977) and has been a professor of Linguistics and Terminology at Pompeu Fabra University since 1994, where she teaches terminology, morphology and linguistics. She has been a full member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, the Catalan language academy, since 1989, where she edited the first edition (1995) of the Diccionari de la llengua catalana (DIEC). She is the President of the Academy of Catalan Language. She was responsible for launching TERMCAT, Catalonia's official terminology centre, in 1985, and acted as director until 1988. In 1993 she moved from the University of Barcelona to Pompeu Fabra University, where she founded the IULA. (University Institute of Applied Linguistics ), which she directed from 1993 to 2004. Her main areas of research are terminology, neology, lexical morphology, lexicometry, discourse analysis and linguistic engineering. The driving force behind multiple research projects, she has supervised 40 doctoral theses. She runs the IULATERM group (lexicon and technology) and the Neology Observatory, both at UPF.

Her most important contribution to terminology is the creation of the Communicative Theory of Terminology, which is set out in La terminología: representación y comunicación. Elementos para una teoría de base comunicativa y otros artículos (1999) and in vol. 9:2 (2003) of the journal Terminology. She is also author of the university guide Terminology. Theory, methods, and applications (1992), published in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.


A founding member of several terminology (RITERM, REALITER) and neology (NEOROC, NEOROM, ANTENAS, NEOXOC) networks, she is currently president of the Spanish Terminology Association (AETER) and the representative of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans in the Catalan Association for Terminology (SCATERM), where she is editor of the journal Terminàlia. She has received several Awards and medals for her efforts and works, among them the international Eugen Wüster Prize for terminology in 2007 and the tittle of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from de French government. She received also la Medalla al mérito científico from the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Creu de Sant Jordi (the most important award given by Catalonia government) in 2015 for her teaching and research dedication and the internationalization of the knowledge in the domain on applied linguistics, lexicography and terminology.


Academic Coordinator

Rosa Estopà. Tenured lecturer in the Department of Translation and Language Sciences at UPF. Ph.D. in Linguisitcs (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 1999). Coordinator of Master online in terminology in Spanish and English editions since 2005. She collaborates with the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya since 2009 and the Institut Bonanova FP Sanitària del Parc de Salut del Mar since 2015. Specialist in terminology, neology, medical lexicon, lexicography and Speech-language pathology. She is member of the research group IULATERM since 1994 and Neology Observatory since 1992. Currently, she coordinates the network NEOXOC of neology in Catalan and the network NEOROC of neology in Spanish and is co-responsible of Martes Neológico (neologic Tuesdays) project. She is principal co-researcher in the project RECERCAIXA2015 Juntos, solving socioeducative barriers and promoting health literacy (alfabetización en salud); responsible for the project  Jugando a definir la ciencia (Playing with Scientific Definitions: She is a member of the Scientific Council of DEMCAT and the permanent Commission of Diccionari clínic per a iSalut.

Teachers Teachers

Araceli Alonso


Professor at the Département de langues étrangères appliquées, Université de Bretagne-Sud. Member of LiCoRN ( and InfoLex ( research groups. Mainly working in the application of the mechanisms of collocational networks and collocational resonance and the methodology of Corpus Patteren Analysis to study specialized lexical units.


Iria da Cunha

PhD in Applied Linguistics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). Researcher of “Ramón y Cajal” at the National Distance Education University (UNED). Member of IULATERM research group (Instituto de Lingüística Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and ACTUALING research groups. Research lines: Applied Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Terminology and Specialized Discourse.



Rosa Estopà

Profesora titular del Departamento de Traducción y Ciencias del Lenguaje de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra desde 2009, donde imparto docencia en terminología, neología, lingüística aplicada y lengua catalana.

Judith Freixa

Tenured lecturer at department of translation and language science, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Ph.D. in Catalan Philology. Coordinator of Observatori de Neología (OBNEO) and researcher in IULATERM research group (IULA. Institute of Applied Linguistics. Specific research centre of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

Elisabet Llopart

researcher at the Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH), member of the Observatori de Neologia and of the IULATERM research group (Lexicon and Technology) (2014SGR946) (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), and lecturer at the Department of Translation and Languages Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University.

Mercè Lorente 

Doctora en Filología Catalana (Universidad de Barcelona, 1994). Es profesora titular del Departamento de Traducción y Ciencias del Lenguaje y miembro del IULA. Institut de Lingüística Aplicada. Centre específic de recerca, de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Investigadora principal del grupo IULATERM desde 2014. Miembro del Institut d'Estudis Catalans.Editora jefe de la revista Terminalia

Tutors Tutors

Laia Vidal Sabanés

Predoctoral researcher, member of the research group IULATERM (Lexicon and Technology), at IULA. Institut of Applied Linguistics. Specific Research Center of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Support staff for càtedra Pompeu Fabra. Master's degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from UPF; Graduated in Translation and Interpreted at UPF.






Besharat Fathi


PhD in Translation and Language Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2017). Member of IULATERM research group (Instituto de Lingüística Aplicada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra). 

Research lines: Terminology, Terminology Planning, Applied Linguistics and Terminography.