The Online Terminology Program has a modular structure and applicants have the option to take it in English or Spanish. The program can be followed entirely online. From the 2020-2022 edition onwards, the Online Terminology Program allows students to choose from two different university-specific degrees:

In addition, applicants also have the option of enrolling in just one or more than one of the modules of the program separatedly, without having to take them all. In said case, the Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA-CER) will issue a certificate of competence for each module or modules completed. However, if the student reaches the 90 ECTS required to complete the Master's Degree, he/she may receive the corresponding diploma***.

*To obtain the online Master's degree in Terminology students must complete 90 ECTS credits, which are distributed in four compulsory modules corresponding to 80 ECTS: Online Postgraduate Course [20 ECTS]; Diploma of Postgraduate Studies [35 ECTS]; Workshop I [15 ECTS]; and the Master's Final Project [10 ECTS]). And in two optional workshops of 5 ECTS each, which can be chosen from three available options (Workshop II, Workshop III and Workshop IV).

**To obtain the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies, students must complete the 35 compulsory ECTS credits of said module.

***Each case is particular and the conditions to obtain the university-specific degree should always be consulted with the direction of the Online Terminology Program via the contact form or directly to [email protected].