"[...] without terminology the science does not exist or the technique would not be described, neither is practiced a specialized profession."

Cabré, 1999

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What is terminology? Is it a scientific discipline? Does terminology have its own theories or does it apply theoretical assumptions from other disciplines? What are the terminological needs that can be found and what kinds of terminological problems could we faced with? How we can succeed in dealing with terminological difficulties? Our courses of Online Master Program in Terminology are aimed at answering these questions and many others.

This modular master program provides an overview of theoretical and practical topics in terminology and explores subjects like communication, professional needs, documentation, terminography, and translation. We observe how these aspects are developed in terminology, how they can be studied through various practices, how they interconnect to give a comprehensive perception about terminology, and how theoretical aspects of terminology support all these activities.

Our endorsed master program in Terminology, offered by IULA. Institute of Applied Linguistics. Specific research centre of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra is prepared in English and Spanish. It has a modular structure and it is fully online. Master students have two options: complete the whole Master, which means, finishing all the mandatory modules, two optional ones, and the Master Project (75 ECTS); otherwise they can take any module independently. In the former case, they will obtain the "Master’s degree in Terminology”, and in the latter case, a qualification certificate corresponding to the module's ECTS: i.e. qualification certificate of the postgraduate course, of the postgraduate diploma or of the postgraduate workshops.


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IULATERM in collaboration with ECQA offers the opportunity of obtaining the ECQA Certified Terminology Manager- Basic performing the official exam of ECQA with some specific conditions. For more information please click here.