The IULATERM Group in 2003 launched  a program of advanced training in terminology taught via Internet in Spanish, through a digital classroom with own teaching materials in the form of web pages with discussion forums, chats, self-assessment exercises, teamwork exercises and individualized academic and administrative services.
In 2009 the group released the English edition of the program, gradually unfolding each of the modules that make up the Online Master in Terminology. Since 2009 people from different countries with very different socio-linguistic situation have participated in the online training program in English terminology. This fact constituted a collaborative enrichment. In short, we believe that the online program in English terminology demonstrates its degree of consolidation with the imminent start of a new edition of the Master. The originality and technological innovation of the courses have enabled the Group IULATERM regularly to offer their courses and disseminate knowledge in terminology at theoretical and practical level.