The Online Master Program in Terminology is the advanced educational level of the online program on Terminology and a 90-credit  (ECTS) program. To obtain the Master's diploma, students have to pass 80 compulsory credits, which include a 10-credit tutorized final project, and 10 optional credits.


The objectives of this online superior level course on terminology are:

  • To integrate the knowledge necessary to become a qualified professional on terminology or to participate in other professional activities where terminology and terminography knowledge is required.
  • To deepen in the knowledge and the skills acquired during the previous levels, so that students can achieve a solid formation to work with initiative and autonomously and direct terminology projects.


The Online Master on Terminology is a modular program course that can be done sequentially in a 18-24-month period, or that permits to be followed by students with an own work pace, because all modules are offered every two years.

Students have to attend and pass the following compulsory modules:

* Convalidation of the Online Postgraduate Course on Introduction to Terminology: the student must submit an official statement of a previous academic training.

To achieve the required 90 credits to obtain the Master diploma, 10 optional credits must be done and passed from the following modules: