What is the pre-registration tutoring session?

The preregistration tutoring session is your personal interview with a tutor or the coordinator of the Master’s, done before the on-line registration process starts. Without this initial pre-registration session, you cannot access the on-line registration. In the tutoring session, you have to choose, with the help of the pre-registration form:

1. Your dedication: Full time or part time enrolment (that is, 1 vs. 2 years; and the number of credits to be taken).

2. Your specialisation, if you want to choose one.

3. Your choice of courses.

Calendar and schedule

The pre-registration tutoring sessions will take place in early September. You should bring the pre-registration session form to the session (downloadable from the top of this page) with a proposal of the courses you would like to take and you should have read all the information available on the Master’s website. The Secretary's office will send an email you before the end of July to offer you an appointment for the pre-registration tutoring session. If for some important reason you cannot attend the meeting, you can contact the tutor to ask for a new appointment.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students who have not previously taken any linguistics course must enroll in the Levelling course. This course does not count towards the 60 credits for the Master’s degree.  

Once registration is completed, you will not be able to drop or change any of the first quarter courses.