Selection procedure

The Master's program will be able to accept around 35 students. The optimal personal and academic profile of a student of the Master's program in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics is a graduate student with a strong academic record, a strong interest in language and linguistic communication and strong motivation for linguistic research at an advanced level. In general, we seek candidates who can successfully complete our graduate program and can successfully implement the knowledge and skills they acquire in their their future academic or non-academic careers.

Most of the courses in the program are taught in English, and so a good command of English – at least B2 (passive and active) in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages – is extremely important. In addition, students interested in the Language Teaching specialization are strongly recommended to have a high level of Spanish (C1 in the CEFR), as several courses in that specialization are taught in Spanish.

When demand exceeds supply, the selection committee will use the following criteria to determine the rank for admissions. The committee will also take into account the match between the interests and degree of preparation of the candidate to complete the Master’s and the research offered by the faculty of the MA program, based on the information in the full set of application materials presented:

Academic record 70%
Knowledge of English (B2 level) 10%
Additional academic and professional training 5%
Research experience 5%
Professional / teaching experience 5%
Knowledge of other languages besides the native language(s) (B2 level) 5%