A document conforming to protocol that is used for brief communications such as thank-you notes, congratulations, etc. It is used only by people holding high-ranking posts within the Administration.

Format: large card 105 x 210 mm.


A greeting card is a document conforming to protocol whose content admits little variation. In its Catalan version, the post of the sender is printed on the card followed by the word saluda (literally, "greets"). The most salient features in writing such a card are:

  • Use a polite, formal tone, bearing in mind that it is an element of protocol.
  • Be brief and precise.
  • In Catalan, such a card is written in the third person (e.g. the rector greets Sr. X... and thanks him for...), but in English it is more natural for the sender to write in the first person and address the person they are writing to in the second person (Thank you for...).


Formulas for expressing the reason for the greeting:
•  I would like to thank you for ... 
• Thank you for being so kind as to ...
• I have pleasure in inviting you to ... 
• Congratulations on ... 
• Allow me to congratulate you on ...


1. Identification of the person sending the card

This should consist of the post of the person writing the document and the unit or body if they are not already printed on the card.

2. University logo
(Printed on the card)

3. Greeting formula
(Printed on the card in the Catalan version)
In Catalan, the greeting formula consist of the single word Saluda (literally, "greets") printed in italics so that it stands out, on a line on its own and centre justified.

4. Body
This part consists of the name and surname(s) of the addressee and a brief statement of the reason for the greeting (gratitude, congratulations, etc.).

5. Signature
In this document the signature section consists of the actual signature only, which is written under the name and surname(s) of the person sending the card. (The name and surname(s) of the person sending the card are sometimes, but not always, already printed on the card).


6. Valediction
The valediction formula generally admits few variations. In Catalan it is usually:

      complau a expressar-li el testimoni de la seva consideració

In English, Yours sincerely may be appropriate.


7. Date
This must include:
- The place where the letter is written. 
- Date: the day (in figures), the month (in letters) and the year (in figures and in full).





                                  The rector of

                          POMPEU FABRA UNIVERSITY




Marcel Vilaró i Güell, vice-chancellor of the University of the Balearic Islands, and thanks him for sending the report on the 1993-94 academic year.




                            Enric Argullol i Murgadas

                                 Yours sincerely



                         Barcelona, 25 November 1994