The Language Office has compiled for the UPF university community a Catalan ↔ English ↔ Spanish trilingual nomenclature of UPF. This nomenclature allows users to find the equivalent in English, Spanish or Catalan of over 1,000 designations of bodies, services, fields, courses, programmes, institutions or agencies at UPF and in our university and institutional setting. Enquiries can be made from either Catalan, Spanish or English, by checking alphabetical blocks or by the first letter of the term or syntagm you are searching, and also by means of advanced searches, either by introducing the exact term or syntagm in the search engine or by introducing any of the words it contains, the first word or the last word.

This Catalan ↔ Spanish ↔ English trilingual university nomenclature is conceived as a dynamic working tool for supporting the UPF university community, in the framework of the Plan of Action for Multilingualism at Pompeu Fabra University. Therefore, it will be polished, completed and upgraded through daily use and contributions and remarks made by its users. We will therefore welcome any contribution, comment or remark that may help us to improve it. Please write us to: [email protected].

 Download Excel file for the nomenclature

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