This is an internal certificate issued as an administrative measure providing proof that a given procedure has been carried out: that a person has taken up their post, a change has been made to a person's wages, a person has been granted special leave of absence, a change has been made to a person's administrative category, etc.

Format: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm).

An internal certificate, like other administrative documents, follows a generally constant structure and complies essentially with the requirements of functionality and formality characterising official communications. The most noteworthy features to be taken into account in composing such documents are:

  • The need to be formal and concise, as this is an official communication issued by a person in virtue of his or her particular post or office.
  • Use the first person singular (I): I HEREBY CERTIFY
  • Normally such a document is not addressed to anyone in particular and so may appropriately be introduced by the set formula: To whom it may concern.


•  ... that on today's date, ... have taken up their posts as ...
•  ... that the resolutions proposed in the previous report have today been passed by the ... Committee ...
•  ... that on today's date, Sr. ... has exercised his rights in regard to ...
• That this document comprises ... pages ...


1. Identification of the document
The details identifying the document must be written in the upper right-hand margin. They are as follows:

- Ref. ("reference"): the document's classification code for the issuing body.


2. Body
This is introduced by the formula: I HEREBY CERTIFY: That ...
This is followed by a brief statement of the fact being certified.


3. Date
This must include:
- The place where the letter is written. 
- Date: the day (in figures), the month (in letters) and the year (in figures and in full).


4. Signature
This section must include the following items in the following order.
- Post
- Signature
- Name and surname(s)




                                                                                                            Ref.: .......

I HEREBY CERTIFY: That on 16 May 1994, Sr. Marc Fortuny i Esteve was appointed a temporary post-holder of the Pompeu Fabra University in the University Community Assistance Service, where he will be working as an administrative assistant.



Barcelona, 25 May 1994


The Head of the Human Resources Service


Assumpta Camps i Muntaner