DTIC - Engineering UPF Research Award for female researchers in the field of information and communication technologies.

The DTIC - Ingenierías UPF research award for women researchers in the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT) is an initiative of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) / School of Engineering of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in the framework of the commemoration of its creation 25 years ago, and whose objective is to recognize and support the work of women scientists working in Spain in the research areas of the department.

Baccalaureate Research Projects Awards

UPF Engineerings, with the common purpose of empowering the interest of secondary students in the areas of technology and mathematics, calls every year the UPF Awards for Research Project in Engineering and Applied Mathematics. The best research projects developed in any scientific-technic discipline (sciences, technology, mathematics, computer science, etc.) done in public, private or arranged centers are awarded.


Gender and ICT at Enginyeries@UPF

The Maria de Maeztu Research program drives the implementation of a broad gender and ICT strategy at DTIC-UPF as a collaborative effort with many other entities (get to know them below).


Hackatons, workshops and conferences to break stereotypes and foster the feminine public to take interest in engineering and technology. Free activities which allow experimenting and having fun are organized: videogames design with Scratch, robots programming, design of applications for mobiles, experimentation with virtual reality... The aim of these activities is for them to be in contact with technology so that in the future there will be more women in the technology and engineering field. 

Technology capsules for baccalaureate students

New initiative of the UPF-ETIC. With the aim of promoting technology and approaching knowledge to different sectors of society, Science Capsules, of 25 minutes of length, are organized. They highlight the innovative research developed in our university-ETIC and nowadays they focus mainly towards secondary students. The capsules which are currently planned during the first semester of 2017 are: data analysis and visualisation for democracy, detection of illnesses in social networks and RoomScape


Techno Track

Permanent exhibition at UPF Engineering, where the public will be shown devices resulting from our research. This permanent exhibition will start with 4-5 devices, located at Edifici Tànger and will open to public during the last term of 2017. Initially the exhibition will present: Reactable, interactive toys eTui, Evolution of the mobile phone, Injectable Stimulator.

Come visit us!

Sonar I+D: Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC)

The research group Music Technology Group  (UPF, ETIC) collaborates with the Sonar I+D Festival and co-organizes the Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC). SIC is a platform of collaboration between innovative companies of technologic basis and the creative community (programmers, designers, artists) which aims to produce disruptive prototypes shown at I+D.

Open Data: Freesound

Freesound is the open database with Creative Commons license. It is an initiative of the Music Technology Group  at UPF. Nowadays Freesound has more than 327k ons, corresponding to more than 4400 hours of audio.

Lab Metadecidim (Ajuntament de Barcelona - Tecnopolitica.net (IN3-UOC) - Universitat Pompeu Fabra) 

Open and collaborative research space oriented towards dealing with key problems for the development of the Decidim platform and democracy online. It includes monthly sessions oriented towards local, state and international experts to deal with urgent challenges and problems of the Decidim project. Each session will have a minimum of two speakers and an attendant as "row 0", and will ease the discussion with the audience. Sessions are celebrated the third Friday of each month, from 11h to 13h, at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Campus Poblenou). Limited spots. Registrations here: https://www.bcnparticipa.cat/decidimlab/ca/

Informative sessions

The aim of the sessions in to inform about the degree studies in UPF, as well as showing the facilities of the campus with guided visits done by University students. This is an activity aimed, mainly, at secondary, baccalaureate and advanced degree students.


EscoLab opens the doors of the most innovative labs and research centers of the country and offers the opportunity of dialoguing with the researchers who work in the advance of society.

A total of 8 free scientific activities for the ESO, baccalaureate and advanced degree students. Activities consist on workshops which enable seeing the ETIC's labs and contacting directly with its teams and its research lines.

HackLab & BiblioLab

HackLab is open to all the UPF community, but with a very direct emphasis in the students community. 

It is a co creation workshop, a physical space located at the second floor of the Library/CRAI of the Communication/Poblenou Campus, which was created aimind to become a space to promote, foster and ease self-learning, the exchange of knowledge and ideas and the collaboration around topics such as technology, communication or digital arts.

At its turn, Hacklab is a brand which englobes the support to this community, both in the initiatives they impulse and in its connection with interesting external initiatives.


UPF-ETIC Phd annual workshop

Sixty research projects in the field of engineering are involved in the editions of the Doctoral Students Workshop. This UPF-ETIC initiative consists in an open exhibition to all those who want to know first-hand the most recent technologic advances which integrate the Information and Communications Technologies Department.

Yomo Bcn

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, presentation at the Youth Mobile Festival of two activities: EspaiStory, an innovative solution of augmented reality which uses mobile technologies and portable projects to combine the physical and the virtual world, and "Música, Tecnologia i Intel·ligència Artificial”, the TELMI project, aimed at showing how new technologies can help play new instruments. Fest aimed at inspiring children and young adults and helping them get to know better the professional careers of the STEAM sectors - Science, Technology, Engineering, Design / Art and Mathematics.

Location of the XII Mathematics Proves Cangur

200 4th ESO and 1st and 2nd baccalaureate students sit for the Proves Cangur in our facilities. Organized by the Catalan Society of Mathematics, the tests consist in answering, during one hour and a quarter, thirty questions with contents related with different mathematical fields such as arithmetics, geometry, calculus, logics and probability. The aim is to enhance and motivate the learning of mathematics through problems.

 UPF Junior Campus, 2017

They aim to approach the University to students of third and fourth year of obligatory secondary education (ESO), of first of baccalaureate or average degree with an offer of courses of different disciplines which combine teaching with a practical, experimental and ludic part.

Some of this year's courses are: Girls in Data Science; Introducció a la Ciència de les Dades, Web, Criptografia, Música i Canvi Climàtic, Una Introducció a la Intel·ligència Artificial; Descobrint Internet of Things a través d'Arduino; Hackers matemàtics a les xarxes;Explorant els Sistemes complexes; Els reptes del Cervell.

Final Degree Project Award

The Information and Communications Technologies Department calls the III Final Degree Project (FDP) Award in Information and Communications Technologies in the areas directly related with its research masters in Information and Communications Technologies.

 There can participate students of any nationality who have foreseen to submit their project within the academic year 2016-17 in a Spanish public or private university center, in an area directly related with the official post degrees (research masters) taught by the UPF Information and Communications Technologies Department in the field of ICTs.

Science week

Aiming to foster the knowledge of science and scientific vocations among ESO students: the future's researchers.

Wide range of activities for all audiences: Dia de la Ciència a les Escoles, American Space and a hackaton, PyramidaPP, design of activities of collaborative learning, Mapathaton MSF - MissingMaps, New: cinema projection and cineforum.