Dr.  Sergi Jordà

Head of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies  (ETIC) 

Head of the Engineering and Information and Communication Technology - Academic Unit  

Office: 55.010

Dr. Enric Peig

Head of the Engineering School

Office: 55.008

Dr. Josep Blat

Secretary (DTIC) 

Office: 55.126

Dr. Xavier Binefa


Office: 55.122

Dr. Boris Bellalta

Responsible for Research

Office: 55.202

Dr. Ralph Andrzejak

Responsible for Recruitment

Office: 55.200

Dr. Davinia Hernández-Leo

Deputy director Engineering School

Director USQUID

Office: 55.128

Dr. Rafael Pous

Deputy director

Promotion and Comunication 

Office: 55.426

Dr.Federico Sukno

Deputy director 

Teaching assignation

Office: 55.124


Staff associated to Management

Carme Buisan 

Promoter ETIC

Office: 55.012 Telephone Number: 93 542 1370

[email protected]

Dr. Veronica Moreno

Pedagogue in USQUID

Office: 55.307 Telephone Number: 93 542 29 81

Governing Bodies Governing Bodies