Departament of Information and Communication Technologies

Dr. Vladimir Estivill
Head of the Departament of Information and Communication Technologies (ETIC)
Head of the Engineering and Information and Communication Technology - Academic Unit

Dra. Núria Sebastián
Academic Secretary (DTIC)

  • Dr. Boris Bellalta
    Deputy Director Research, Technology Transfer and PhD
  • Dr. Horacio Saggion
    Deputy Director Faculty and Recruitment

Engineering School

Dr. Oscar Cámara
Head of the Engineering School

Dr. Ernest Montbrió
Secretary Engineering School

  • Dra. Patricia Santos
    Deputy Director and Responsable Innovation Area
  • Dr. Alfonso Martínez
    Quality Deputy Director
  • Dr. Federico Sukno
    Deputy Director Teaching Assignation
  • Dr. Miquel Oliver
    Deputy Director Promotion and Communication

Staff Associated to Management:

  • Carme Buisan 
    Promoter ETIC
  • Dra. Verónica Moreno
    Pedagogue Engineering School and DTIC
  • Pol Rovira
    Technician in Communication and Promotion

Governing Bodies