Welcome to the Information and Communication Technologies Engineering (ETIC), a young and dynamic multidisciplinary department of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

The activities of ETIC were initiated in 1999, with the start of the undergraduate studies in Computer Science at UPF. The first members involved in these studies formed its faculty. Since then, the Department has grown with the new programs in Telematics, Audiovisual Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science  and Data Science (coming soon). Several Masters and a Doctoral Program complement the current educational offer.

Our community includes 45 faculty members, either permanent or in tenure track, plus many part-time professors, post-doctoral researchers and other types of (research&teaching) collaborators. It is now a well-established university center with an ideal context and infrastructure to foster top-quality research and education.

The research interests of the faculty cover a broad range of topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. These can be grouped into four broad categories: Cognitive and Intelligent Systems;Audiovisual Technologies; Networks and Communications; Computational Biology and Biomedical Systems; and Brain and Cognition. This broad spectrum of topics reflects the current interdisciplinary reality of cutting edge research in ICT.

Despite its short history, ETIC is already recognized for its high quality research output and its international impact. From the beginning, we have emphasized scientific excellence in all its activities. This clearly shows when reading the CVs of the faculty members in this web site. ETIC is leading in number of researchers from the ICREA program of the Generalitat de Catalunya and with most grants of the European Research Council. It is also the department that most contributes in making UPF the top Spanish university in terms of ICT R&D funding from European funds. These, and other indicators, have placed ETIC within the first 100 departments in the world, according to the recognized ranking of the ARWU/Shangai.

In our web site you will find the trajectory and interests of our faculty members. This faculty is what makes us one of the best places to do a Master, a PhD, or to work as a researcher. I encourage you to read it, to find a research topic of your interest, and come to Barcelona to become part of our department, either as a student or a researcher.