As the rest of the university masters at the Law Faculty, the Master’s Degree in Advanced Laws in Legal Sciences follows the validation process determined by the VSMA legal framework. This framework assesses, monitors, modifies and accredits all the degrees, linking them up in order to pursue a standard and a guiding thread during the quality evaluation. The goal to determine this standard is to promote the efficient and effective management. For more information, click here.

Furthermore, the Pompeu Fabra University, following the principles of an ethical and a transparent institution, gives users and university community the Transparency Portal. Similarly, the Technical Quality Office provides all the data and statistics to the university within studies and quality, collecting all the information from each one of the degrees offered by the university. For checking the specific data of the Legal Sciences MLL, click here.

Finally, it should be emphasized that AQU Catalonia provides an overview of the degrees in Catalonia at WINDDAT, which allows to make a fair comparison with the Master’s Degree in Advanced Laws in Legal Sciences.


Representative Data

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Degree report



Assessment process:

1) Official master programs authorization request 07-08

2)  Master’s degrees quality reports 07-08 (AQU)

3) Certificate of approval 07-08 (AQU)

4) Evaluation of the verification request (ANECA)

5) Final resolution (MECD)

6) Resolution BOE 2012

Historic of assessment reports: 09-1010-1111-1212-1314-15


Historic of monitoring reports: 09-1010-1111-1212-1314-15, 15-16


Modification process:

1) Evaluation of the official title request (2015)

2) Evaluation of the official title request (2018)

Historic of the syllabus modification reports: 2019


Accreditation process:

1) Visit report from the Extern Commission (2015)

2) Evidences review report (2015)

3) Evaluation of the official degree application for accreditation (2015)

4) Accreditation resolution (2015)

5) Accreditation certificate

Reaccreditation process:

1) CAI’s constitution state (2019)

2) CAI’s instrument of appointment (2019)

3) 1/2019 del June 27, 2019

4IDA and IDAE  from the External Comission (March 2020)

Historic de accreditation reports: VA3VA4VA5VA6VA7

Historic of accreditation self-report: 2015, 2019

Prizes and distinctions

Teaching quality projects


Quality indexes

Quality data | Evolution of data and indexes

Academic indexes

Data EUC | Master’s data sheet in EUC


UPF in figures


Satisfaction surveys

Satisfaction surveys are the best way to track the level of satisfaction of undergraduates and young graduates, hence they are the most efficient tool available for any degree to know how well we do it and what can be improved. Check here all the data of the main surveys carried out by the Unit's Projects, Studies and Quality (UPEC)

Survey AVALDO , is a model developed by the UPF to evaluate the teaching methodology received by students. Results 17-18

Survey EVSOE , triennial survey of evaluation of the system and organization of education. Results 16-17

Survey of graduate satisfaction , is a proposal from AQU Catalonia and is agreed between all the universities of the Catalan University System, both public and private. This survey is from the year 2014-2015 of all graduates from college degree, and since 2016-2017 of all graduates from master's degree. Results 18-19

Survey of labor insertion , such a survey is managed by AQU Catalonia. Results 17-18