The Law Academic Coordination Unit (UCA) has decades of experience in applied research in social sciences, in the formation of researchers and in postgraduate training.

The Law UCA has around 150 researchers and it also has 12 research groups that aspire to provide legal practitioners with instruments to improve our institutions in favor of greater citizen welfare. The 14 fields of knowledge that have traditionally belonged to the Law Department are represented in these research groups and constitute the main lines of research of the UCA.

The scientific research potential of these groups has been recognized through the funding obtained in competitive research calls and has led to an extensive scientific output. The Law UCA also has a serious commitment to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), which essentially focuses on the adoption of the gender perspective, the promotion of open access publications and the opening to the general society of all the activities that it organizes.

Finally, the Law UCA has always encouraged the empowerment of human resources. To this end, it promotes highly innovative Master’s programmes with a marked international profile. Likewise, it manages a PhD Programme that was distinguished in 2011 with a Mention towards Excellence by the Ministry of Education and that, in the last five years, has accumulated more than 70 PhD theses.