In order to prepare your working contract at UPF, you must obtain and send us the documents stated below:

Documents that you can send us (scanned and, if possible, in pdf format):

- Copy of your passport: please send us a photocopy of all the pages of your passport.

- Copy of your degree.

- Form 145 (IRPF - personal income tax). Please print, fill in, sign and send it to us.

- Curriculum vitae.                                                                        

- Contact address (in your country) and mobile number.

- A photo (passport size).


Documents that you need to obtain:

- Work visa

- Foreign Identity Card (TIE)

- Proof of residence in Barcelona

- Spanish Social Security number.

- Spanish bank account number (IBAN).


Here are the steps to follow:

1 - As we mentioned before, first of all it is necessary that you send us the scanned documentation that you already have (passport, degree...).

2 - Once we have received it, and after one or two weeks, the UPF’s PDI Service will send you your contract by email, so you can read, print and sign it. When you have it signed, you must send it back to the mentioned service by certified mail.

3 - When the PDI Service receives your contract, it will begin the procedure for obtaining your residence authorization. You must pay specific fees for it. We will send you a new e-mail with instructions about how to make the corresponding payment.

4 - While your permit is being processed, you can start the procedure to obtain your Foreign Identity Card (TIE). The first step is to set up an appointment via the Cita previa website:

Fill in the fields with your personal data and choose the date and time that suit you for your appointment.

Please take into account the following information:

- Set up this appointment at least a month and a half or two months before you arrive in Barcelona.

- You must be in Barcelona the day and time you choose because this process must be done in person.

-  Probably you will try several times to make an appointment because often there are no dates available. Please insist on this procedure.

- In case you need to change the appointed date, the system will not allow you to make a new appointment until a month and a half after of the date chosen.

5 – When the PDI Service has the resolution of your residence authorization, they will send it to you. Then, you could apply for your residence visa that will allow you to enter in Spain. We recommend you to contact the Spanish embassy in your country to check the specific requirements and documents that you will need to prepare them in advance.

6- Once in Spain, you must request the following documents:

- Proof of residence in Barcelona (empadronamiento)

- Spanish Social Security Number

- Spanish bank account number (IBAN)

Finally, please send us a scanned copy of all these documents. If you need help to obtain these documents, put in touch with the Mobility and Reception Office (OMA) of this university.


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