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16/06/2022 Seminari del GLiF, a càrrec de Nelli Kerezova (Goethe University)

16/06/2022 Seminari del GLiF, a càrrec de Nelli Kerezova (Goethe University)

"Factors for null object resolution in European Portuguese" a càrrec de Nelli Kerezova (Goethe University)




Dia: dijous 16 de juny del 2022

Hora: 12.00 h


(Number: 999 1013 3335 , Password: 465568)

null object is an object of a transitive verb that has been omitted. The sentence  in (1) would be grammatical if the direct object is  recoverable from the linguistic or pragmatic context (Raposo, 1986).
(1)   European Portuguese (Raposo, 1986, 373)
A       Joana viu                      na      TV ontem.
def    Joana watch. perf.1sg      on.def TV yesterday
“Joana watched it yesterday on TV.”
For European Portuguese, it has been argued that animacy, definiteness and specificity are important for the (overt and null) pronominal realization of ob- jects. Inanimate, indefinite, and non-specific entities tend to be omitted, while animate, definite, and specific ones have to be realized as clitics (Schwenter, 2014).
The matter of how other types of factors might influence null pronoun res- olution has received less attention.  In this talk, I will present and discuss var- ious semantic, discourse-pragmatic, and grammatical factors relevant for the anaphoric resolution of null objects based on the literature that is mainly con- centrated on null subjects or full pronouns.





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