Agreement of the Board of Governors of 15 July 2009

Pompeu Fabra University is increasingly receiving visits by researchers who remain here on stages of varying length.

It is UPF's wish to give greater visibility to these researchers, creating for this purpose a programme that defines the categories of such researchers, the procedure to channel their stages and the services that UPF offers them.

Article one. The Visiting Scholars Programme to UPF is created.

Article two. Applications may be made to become a visiting researcher by researchers from other universities or research centres who wish to spend a research stage at UPF for a minimum of one unbroken month and a maximum of two years.

Article three. The figure of visiting researcher is incompatible with any other type of contract or appointment at UPF.

Article four. There are two categories of visiting researcher:

  • Pre-doctoral visiting researcher: this category comprises trainee researchers.
  • Post-doctoral visiting researcher: this category comprises qualified PhD researchers.

Article five. Visiting researchers shall have been issued with a letter of invitation by a full-time permanent doctor lecturer or a researcher associated with UPF, with the approval of the director of the department or university research institute to which the invited researcher's research is affiliated.

Upon their arrival, visiting researchers shall go to the corresponding department or institute and sign the document of acceptance of the conditions of their stage.

Article six. Visiting researchers shall have access to the services offered by UPF to the university community, such as access to the library services, sports services, and the reception service, under the following terms:

  • Pre-doctoral visiting researchers shall enjoy the same services as UPF trainee researchers.
  • Post-doctoral visiting researchers shall enjoy the same services as UPF PhD researchers.

Article seven. Pre-doctoral visiting researchers whose stage is of at least one academic year and who fulfil the conditions of access to the doctorate may apply for joint supervision of their doctoral thesis.

Article eight. Pre- and post-doctoral visiting researchers may attend postgraduate classes without receiving credits or grades if they are duly authorized by the director of the corresponding postgraduate course.

Article nine. UPF shall keep a register of visiting researchers.

Article ten. At the end of the stage, UPF shall issue the visiting researcher with a certificate acknowledging their stage.