During its duration, the project´s core team will involve the PI, two PhD students, two post-doctoral researchers, and Visiting Scholars. Other UPF-based contributors to the project are Paula Casal (ICREA professor), Anca Gheaus (Ramon y Cajal reseacher), and Andrew Williams (ICREA professor).



Principal Investigator

Maria Serena Olsaretti

Olsaretti, Maria Serena
Principal Investigator (PI)

Academic Members

Elba Paula Casal Ribas

Casal Ribas, Elba Paula
Collaborating Member

Cormier, Andrée Anne
Post-doctoral Researcher (October 2016- June 2018); Collaborating Member

Gheaus, Anca
Ramon y Cajal Fellow

Gheaus, Anca
Collaborating Member (March 2016-February 2020)

Magnusson, Erik
Post-doctoral Researcher (January 2017-August 2018); Collaborating Member

Spotorno, Riccardo
PhD Student (October 2016-October 2020)

Spotorno, Riccardo Maria
PhD Student

Trifan, Isabella
PhD Student (October 2015-July 2019)

Trifan, Isabella Maria
PhD Student

Andrew David Williams

Williams, Andrew David
Collaborating Member


Bou-Habib, Paul
Visitor (October 2015-September 2017)

Bozac, Zlata
Visitor (April - July 2018)

Brando, Nicolás
Visitor (November-December 2017)

Clayton, Matthew
Project Visiting Expert ( 3-7 June 2019)

Fowler, Tim
Visitor (October-December 2016)

Hodgson, Louis-Philippe
Visitor ( January -February 2020 )

Huais, Valentina
Visitor (September-December 2019)

Konjovic, Marko
Visitor (September-December 2017)

McTernan, Emily
Visitor (October 2018)

Valente, Manuel
Visitor (October-December 2019)

Weinstock, Daniel
Visitor (October 2018)


Perelló, Marta
Research administrator (On leave September 2018-January 2019)

European Research Council