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Gheaus, Anca

Departament de Dret
Collaborating Member (March 2016-February 2020)
Anca Gheaus is a Ramon y Cajal Fellow / Researcher at the Law Departament at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). She also works as a member of the Family Justice project, funded by the European Research Council Consolidator Grants programme and led by Serena Olsaretti. Before that she had research positions at the University College Dublin, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Sheffield and University of Umea. Her main work is on theories of distributive justice, with a particular focus on the family and gender justice. She published numerous articles in political and social philosophy, ethics and bioethics. Currently she is planning a monograph on justice in childrearing and she co-edits the Routledge Handbook to Children and Childhood.