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What is it?

The European Union Commission has established a five-year action plan in order to stand up for justice and EU's core values. The protection of the rule of law represents the center element of this endeavor. In this sense, President von der Leyen has vowed to protect the Union's pillars of equality, tolearance and social fariness derived from the rule of law. On the one hand, a European Rule of Law Mechanism will assess the condition of the rule of law in every MS. On the other hand, the Commission wants to modernize the EU's asylum system and cooperation with partners regarding to migration.

What does it do? 

The plan coordinates several types of policy areas with specific aims, namely:

1) Consumer Protection

Aim - To ensure complicance of EU consumer rules that protect and empower consumers (i.e. safety and standards of goods, services and food).

Example of initiative - The New Consumer Agenda (2020).

2) Education and training

Aim - To support cooperation across education and training policies.

Example of initiative - Mobility and cooperation between universities.

3)  European Health Union

Aim - To respond together to future health crises and current challenges such as cancer.

Example of initiative - Europe's Beating Cancer Plan.

4) European Security Union

Aim - To coordinate anti-terrorist and anti-radicalization policies plus the  fight against organized crimes and cyberthreats.

Example of initiative - Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU, Radicalization Awareness Network.

5) Fundamental rights

Aim - To fight all types of discrimination and encourage gender equality, plus ensuring the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Example of initiative - LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025. 

6) Judicial cooperation

Aim - To cooperate to tackle human trafficking, smuggling, corruption, and to create a European area of justice.

Example of initiative - European warrant arrest / European Public's Prosecutor's Office (EPPO).

7) New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Aim - To reimagine migration and asylum in Europe built upon the pillars of confidence through effective procedures, and equilibrium between solidarity and responsibility.

8) Statistics on migration to Europe

Aim - To share data regarding immigration, refugees and asylum-seekes throughout European Member States.

9) Rule of law

Aim - To make sure that the rule of law works in order to safeguard fundamental rights and values, the application of EU law, and prosperous business environments.

Example of initiative - The Rule of Law Review Cycle.


Source: EC Website, 2021.