Back JMC/BACES Workshop for Secondary School Teachers on the European Union and Sustainability

JMC/BACES Workshop for Secondary School Teachers on the European Union and Sustainability

The Jean Monnet Chair EUGov (sponsored by BACES) has organized the final dissemination activity for this academic year 2021/2022.  Another edition of the consolidated Teachers' Workshop for secondary school educators on the subject of the involvement of the EU in the delivery of public policies relating to Sustainability and the European Green Deal. 



Thanks to the collaboration of Prof. Andrea Noferini (JMC EUGov) and Conxi Muñoz (European Documentation Center at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), the JMC EUGov (sponsored by BACES) has delivered yet another edition of the Teachers' Workshop for Secondary School Educators. 

The main topic revolved around the Sustainability SDG and its translation into EU public policies, underlining the new initiative of the European Green Deal to tackle climate change and green energy transition. The participating attendants were given both a thematical presentation on the subject in order to understand the main connections between SDGs and EU actions, as well as a training talk on tools and methodologies for transferring the content to their own classes. 

Following a tradition imposed by the recent circumstances, this Workshop was offered online via the UPF-licensed Zoom Platform. Due to the positive response from teachers around the NUTS 2 region, the JM Chair has implemented a successful online/hybrid modality that grants a wider outreach to educators unable to come to Barcelona for the events. 

We successfully close the dissemination activities for 2021/2022 while preparing for a new set of events starting in September. 

You can find some screenshots of the event below. 



SDG - Sustainable Development Goals:

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