BACES/JMC Annual Workshop: "Homophobia in Europe"

BACES/JMC Annual Workshop: "Homophobia in Europe"

BACES and the JMC EUGov have held the Second Annual Workshop on Gender & Sexuality in the EU, dedicated to the subject of "Homophobia in Europe"



The event was celebrated on April 20th, 2022. It officially took place between 15:00 and 17:00pm, with a relevant number of interactions between the participating audience and speakers. 

Prof. Judith Takács shared insights on the assault on LGBT+ rights in Victor Orban's Hungary illiberal democracy within the European Union. 

Prof. Mole took the example of the Law and Justice Party in Poland to reflect on the case of Poland, and the links that European LGBT+ transnational organizations and local activism have established.

The workshop was meant to be highly informative, but it also stimulated academic debate on possible research lines exploitable in order to tackle these issues. 

We thank all the guests and participants for the development of the second edition of the Annual Workshop on Equality.

The EUGov Team 

PS: You can catch up on the event through the video above. The screenshots of the event are posted below. 





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Speaker 1: Judit Takács
Speaker 2: Richard Mole


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