Back BACES/JMC Annual Workshop: "Anti-Gender Politics in Europe"

BACES/JMC Annual Workshop: "Anti-Gender Politics in Europe"

BACES and the JMC EUGov have held the first Annual Workshop on Gender & Sexuality in the EU, dedicated to the subject of "Anti-Gender Politics in Europe".


The event was celebrated on May 12th, 2021. It officially took place between 15:00 and 16:30pm, but it was eventually exnteded until 17:00pm due to the high number of questions from the participating audience. 

Dr. Giulia Marani moderated the talk. 

Prof. Paternotte shared insights on the Europeanization (and Transnationalization) of Anti-Gender movements across Europe (and beyond). 

Prof. Verloo took the example of the hidden sides of inequality in the Netherlands as a case-study for Anti-Gender movements. 

The workshop was meant to be highly informative, but it also stimulated academic debate on possible research lines exploitable in order to tackle these issues. 

We thank all the guests and participants for the development of a highly fruitful event, which we hope to soon convert into an annual appointment here at UPF. 

The EUGov Team 


PS: You can catch up on the event through the video above. The screenshots of the event are posted below. 


Profiles of the protagonists:

Moderator: Giulia Marani
Speaker 1: David Paternotte
Speaker 2: Mieke Verloo


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