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BACES-JMC Seminar on the European Health Union

BACES and the EUGov JMC have sponsored the first seminar of the academic year 2023/2024. This time, we invited Eleanor Brooks (University of Edinburgh) to tell us more about the European Health Union.


Eleanor Brooks (Lecturer in Health Policy at the School of Social and Political Science of the University of Edinburgh) was the guest speaker of the first BACES/EUGov seminar of the academic year 2023/2024. Eleanor started the seminar introducing what are the social determinants of health and the European Union's powers on this matter. He went on explaining the four faces of the EU health policy (policies explicitly for health, market policies, fiscal governance policies and the global health policy) and how the EU has responded to COVID-19. Finally, Eleanor addressed the topic of the European Health Union and its future.

The event counted with the participation of up to 57 students. We publicly appreciate the collaboration of Prof. Joan Miró (UPF) to extend the JMC Annual Lecture to undergraduate students in his European Politics module and emphasize the co-sponsoring of BACES as Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet.

You can find a link to the recording of the activity above and a selection of screenshots from the event below. 






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