A new push for European democracy

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What is it?

The European Union Commission has established a five-year action plan in order to reinforce the participation of European citizens in the decision-making and agenda-setting process. In this sense, the Commission has vowed to strengthen the role of the European Parliament in international negotiations and the legislative process Likewise, disinformation and online hate speech also figure as issues to tackle.

Democracy is the mainstay of the European Union and of the respective Member States that have joined together in the interests of peace and prosperity. But this democracy cannot be taken for granted and is continually being threatened by disinformation, online hate messages and even alleged attempts to interfere with elections.


What does it do? 

The plan establishes several plans to promote democracy in the EU, namely:

1) Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a series of debates and discussions that empower citizens throughout the Union to share their ideas and help shape the future of the EU.

2) European Democracy Action plan

The European Democracy Action plan empowers citizens and civil society via the promotion of free and fair elections, free media and disinformation-free environments.

3)  Citizens' inputs on Commission's initiatives

Platform for EU citizens to give their opinion on the Commission's initiatives.

4) Strategy on the rights of persons with disabilities 2021-2030

The Strategy aims at making sure that all persons with disabilities in Europe, regardless of any personal or social condition, enjoy human rights, have equal opportunities, move freely throughout the EU, and no longer experience discrimination.

5) Long-term vision for rural areas

The Strategy seeks to empower rural areas with the expansion of digital services, public transport and digital infrastructures, digital literacy, and green solutions for the economy and society of rural environments.

6) The EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

The Strategy seeks to better protect all children and take them into account the policy-making process.


Source: EC Website, 2023.