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New BACES/JMC Seminar on the European Labour Market (Online)

New BACES/JMC Seminar on the European Labour Market (Online)

As  part of the new 2020/2021 online strategy, BACES keeps developing his agenda of online activities including seminars and lectures. This time, we will focus on the European Labour Market.






Despite the extraordinary circumstances, BACES keeps up with the development of academic events dedicated to EU affairs.  As such, we continue to offer our activities for the academic year hoping in the involvement of the UPF community (students & staff), including the external participation of interested audiences. 

This time, we are inviting Prof. Luís Ortiz Gervasi to give a seminar on the sujbect of European workers' mobility. The full title of the intervention is: 

"European Labour Market, Mobility of Workers and Social Protection" 

The event will be hosted on the UPF Collaborate Platform for Online Teaching. However, we are also providing a guest access for participants beyond the student/staff community. The details of the event are: 

Date: 04/11/20

Time: 09:15am - 10:15am 

Link (Collaborate)**:

(** When accessing the platform, please use your full names and surnames, as well as your UPF number if you belong to the University's community) 


We hope to (digitally) see you there!

The BACES Team


PS: You can check the poster of the even below 





Perfils dels protagonistes:

Perfiles de los protagonistas:

Profiles of the protagonists:

Prof. Luis Ortiz Gervasi