Welcome to the EU Governance Theory module of the Online Learning Platform (OLP)!

The OLP is structured around providing descriptive short-text paragraphs explaining the core elements of each institution or political process. In conjunction, the Platform is also a repository for useful online documents and videos (both from academic or institutional backgrounds) to provide additional materials for learning. 

All of the modules included in the EU Governance section of the OLP are pedagogical, and touch upon several features of European integration. In this module you will find (CLICK ON THE LINKS):

  • Theory of The Public Policy Process: A short theoretical summary of academic concepts surrounding the stages of the public policy process. They are meant as an initial roadmap towards the features of EU Governance.
  • Institutions: Specific sheets containing initial info on the institution selected; links to the website and to further institutional documents detailing their organisation or activities; a video section including links to didactic videos shortly summarizing key features associated with the institutions (they are also great as teaching materials).
  • Decision-Making: A collection of resources (academic, institutional, Youtube) detailing the decision-making process in the European Union and inside each of the main institutions.
  • Public Policies: A collection of resources (academic, institutional, Youtube) providing debate over the most famous European Public Policies (i.e. Common Agricultural Policy, Trade Policy). 
  • EC Priorities 2019-2024: this module details the priorities of the European Commission during the period 2019-2024. In each module, you will find a short introduction and useful links to documents and videos to understand the objectives and actions of the EU Commission in each one of these fields.​

We hope you will enjoy the materials and that they will provide you with the necessary tools to understand more about the European Union!