The "EU Studies Resources" section was thought to provide students and civil society with a set of tools to better understand and elaborate over European Integration. It has been conceived as an Online Learning Platform (OLP) where you will find plenty of links to useful information pages or to pedagogical videos to better understand the issues related to EU governance and provide information about the EU policy process and EU public policies. Specifically, in this section you have access to:

  • EU Governance: is a theory module that provides descriptive information about the public policy process in general, the institutions of the European Union and its decision-making process, the most famous European public policies and the priorities of the Commission for the 2019-2024 period.
  • EU Quizzes and Pedagogical Games: it includes a list of quizzes and pedagogical games about European Union affairs whith which students can learn and play at the same time.
  • EU News: it provides useful links to keep up-to-date with EU affairs and a selection of relevant video-news on significant events surrounding EU Integration.
  • Useful Links and Data Sources: this module contains web links about the Jean Monnet Programme, local EU-related contacts in Catalonia, career opportunities, blogs, think tanks and others. It also contains open-access databases of institutional and academic nature.
  • Dissemination Videos: it provides videos with a highly pedagogical purpose related to European Integration.
  • Europe's Arts & Culture: in this module you will find videos related to European-wide arts and culture.

The main language of the platform is English, and so is the majority of its content. Notwithstanding, you can also find supplementary material in Spanish and Catalan. Likewise, most of the EU-provided content has got the option to switch languages for audio and subtitles on the institutional webpages. 

The OLP is directed at multiple audiences: self-learners willing to understand more about the EU; students from secondary school and higher education looking for extra information on European Integration; teachers and professors looking for materials (i.e. videos, documents, etc.) to prepare their classes on EU affairs and topics from EU integration. 

The platform was updated thanks to consulting and collaboration with the European Documentation Center of UAB