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The Barcelona Center for European Studies (BACES) is strongly committed into forging new collaborations and into establishing new opportunities for working together. 

You can check the multiple ways of doing so below. Whatever the reason you are writing for, remember to send your proposal to [email protected] .


Proposals for Activities

Are you a public/private organization looking to create an EU-related event? Do you require academic expertise for your event, talk or programme? The BACES members may be available for you! Provided that we possess the relevant expertise in the topic you are seeking to promote, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail by describing your plans and to let us know how you think BACES may help you! You can also check our Events dedicated section for practical examples.


Writing for the BACES Working Paper Series 

The BACES Working Paper Series is conceived as a high level collection of academic publications. They will all be published in their online version and through open-access and they will include original academic work from consolidated and young researchers.  

All publications must be related to the disciplines included in BACES Research and applied in the field of EU Studies. They are intended as a first publication channel for early works and as a first step towards peer-reviewing in consolidated journals. The Series is managed by the key staff of BACES, including the selection and editorial process.

If you want to submit your own idea, feel free to check our Authors' Guidelines for instructions and submit your proposal at [email protected] !


Ph.D. Proposals 

We are very interested in hearing back from you if you have a Ph.D. proposal! We understand that you may look out for one of our senior experts from the academic board for Ph.D. coordination. However, please remember that we will proceed to accurately review your draft proposal before considering you for a position.

BACES is tightly connected to the UPF Doctoral programmes. Please check the institutional website for application information. You can also look at our Teaching and Research sections for more information on our expertise. 

It is also important to underline that BACES does not have direct access to PhD scholarships. However, there is flexibility towards sponsoring for funding through our University or outer sources (i.e. Regional and National granting schemes). Furthermore, there can be some degree of negotiation towards obtaining a UPF working space (i.e. BACES main office).


Research Stay at BACES/UPF

We are always glad to hear back from you if you are considering a research period in Barcelona, provided that your topics are aligned with our focus (EU Studies and EU Integration). 

You can write to us in order to describe your circumstances and provide some possible dates for your visit. Once again, while we cannot provide direct funding for your stay, we can negotiate for the temporary acquisition of a working space while also offering guidance about useful contacts that may interact with your research! 


Staff Recruitment 

BACES currently involves an executive team of senior researchers, a smaller research team (pre-doctoral, post-doctoral) and a few interns. In the event that we may require new researchers, we will be posting relevant news on hiring positions. 



If you want to experience EU Studies research first-hand, we may have a place for you at BACES! We could provide experience in EU-related research, project-development and research administration. Ideally, we always look towards undergraduate and graduate (MA Level) students. Good working knowledge of English, Spanish and Office/IT is required. 

We are not actively looking for interns but we will still proceed on a case-by-case review.


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BACES Barcelona Center for European Studies

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