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BACES also contributes to the open-access distribution of research data & results from recent research projects. 

According to the new efforts from the regional government, BACES subscribes to the Dataverse.cat repository, offering a digital space to Catalan universities for storing replication material of our research. 

In this section, you  can find a series of links and descriptions to  our comprehensive research datasets. 




The DEUIII Dataset on
Legislative Decision-Making in the European Union (1999-2019)



The DEU Dataset helps EU studies scholars to develop an extensive range of research questions regarding EU legislative policy-making. This latest updated version 69 legislative dossiers from the EU-15 (Thomson & Stokman, 2006), 56 dossiers from the EU-27 (covering the 2004-2007 EU enlargement) (Thomson et al., 2012) and 16 legislative dossiers from the EU-28 that cover the time framework between 2016 and 2019 (Arregui and Perarnaud). In total, the new DEU-III dataset now covers systematic information for over twenty years of EU decision-making (1999-2019), and it includes 141 legislative proposals and 363 controversial issues. This makes the DEU dataset the largest existing dataset in the literature on EU decision-making with a great potential to identify the main driving forces of EU decision-making over the last two decades.The legislative dossiers include a broad range of policy areas in legislative decision-making. Altogether, DEU-III provides information on the policy positions of member states´ representatives in the Council of Ministers, the European Commission (EC), and the European Parliament (EP). The new dataset (DEUIII) also provides information on the salience scores that each actor attaches to the issues subjected to a final decision.


Dataset References 

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  • Arregui J. & Perarnaud, C. (forthcoming). A New Dataset on Legislative Decision-Making in the European Union: The DEU III Dataset (1999-2019). Journal of European Public Policy, Special Issue.
  • http://www.robertthomson.info/research/resolving-controversy-in-the-eu


Dataset Link for Download:

Arregui, Javier; Perarnaud, Clément, 2021, "The Decision-Making in the European Union (DEUIII) Dataset (1999-2019)", https://doi.org/10.34810/data53