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The BACES Working Paper Series is conceived as a high level collection of academic publications. They are all published in their on-line version and through open-access.  As such, they include original academic work from consolidated and young researchers. We consider the BACES WP as a first publication channel for early work and as a first step towards future peer-reviewing processes. 

If you are interested into submitting a proposal, please refer to the Authors' Guidelines section for all relevant instructions (i.e. topic, typology of article, formatting requirements, etc.) 

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BACES WP 11-2023 - Krämer, D. (2023). "The emperor without clothes? Explaining the choice for a flexible solidarity mechanism proposed in the asylum and migration management regulation". BACES Working Papers No. 11/2023.

BACES WP 10-2022 - Clinton, P. & Arregui, J. (2022). "Determinants of infringements in the implementation process of European legislation at the sub-national level". BACES Working Papers No. 10/2022.

BACES WP 09-2022 - Perarnaud, C. & Arregui, J. (2022). "Informal capabilities of the Spanish permanent representation in Brussels and the influence of Spain in the European Union decision-making". BACES Working Papers No. 9/2022.

BACES WP 08-2022 - Baraibar, J. & Arregui, J. (2022). "European Union Regional Policies: A Convergence Point of Spanish Regions towards the EU?". BACES Working Papers No. 8/2022.

BACES WP 07-2022 - Cantó, J. & Arregui, J. (2022). "The European Union and Domestic Policy Change of LGBT+ Equality Policies in Spain". BACES Working Papers No. 7/2022.

BACES WP 06-2021 - Ochoa Uriostegui, J. (2021). "Defining Europe: cultural heritage policy and identity". BACES Working Papers No. 6/2021.

BACES WP 05-2021 - Arregui, J. (2021). "Ganadores y perdedores en el proceso de integración: repensando la Unión desde una perspectiva de ciudadanía europea". BACES Working Papers No. 5/2021.

BACES WP 04-2021 - Chieppa, L.M. (2021). "Gender Equality and Attitudes Towards Immigrants in Europe: A Cross-national Analaysis". BACES Working Papers No. 4/2021.

BACES WP 03-2021 - Kovalska, O. (2021). "Determinants of Individual Support for European Integration: the case of Ukraine". BACES Working Papers No. 3/2021.

BACES WP 02-2021 - Sojka, A. (2021). “Supranational identification and migration attitudes in the European Union”. BACES Working Papers No. 2/2021.

BACES WP 01-2020 - Díez Medrano, J. (2020). “Why is identification as European more prevalent among the highly educated than among the less educated?”. BACES Working Papers No. 1/2020.