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IPR Researcher at MTG (NextCore project)

We are looking for an experienced researcher that will work on the evaluation and validation of fingerprinting technologies using deep learning applied to source separation in the framework of NextCore - RTC2019-007248-7 project

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Application deadline: 30/10/2021

Postdoctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience: The Emerging Human Brain Cluster

We seek candidates working in Cognitive Neuroscience, preferably Cognitive Neuroscience of human perception and attention, with strong programming skills (advanced scientific programming in Matlab) and proven experience in EEG design, experimentation and analysis (time-frequency, real-time analysis, location of sources). The successful candidate will develop the research programs entitled 2 Development of dynamic causal biomarkers based on intracortical EEG and neuroimaging for diagnosis, therapeutic intervention design and therapy monitoring and 3 Photopharmacological control of the functional connectivity of the cerebral cortex.

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Application deadline: 01/11/2021

Postdoctoral position in reinforcement learning

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning group (AI-ML) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, is looking for postdoctoral researchers in the area of reinforcement learning. The AI-ML group mainly focuses on fundamental research, developing novel algorithms and proving properties about these algorithms. The research will take place in the context of a Spanish project on continual (or lifelong) learning and planning, with a focus on decision strategies that generalize to a range of tasks, hierarchical representations for reinforcement learning, and potentially multiagent learning.

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Application deadline: 31/10/2021

Postdoctoral position - Image processing for cochlear surgery planning and simulation

The aim of the project is to develop image processing and computer modelling and simulation tools for cochlear and vestibular implantation, and it is part of a broader research project in collaboration with the Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Universidad de Navarra.

Application deadline: 30/09/2021

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Post-doctoral position Computational Neuroscience

We are looking for an excellent post-doctoral candidate with Physics, Mathematics or Machine Learning background, ideally with knowledge of Neuroscience or Computational Neuroscience, and interested in theory and applications. The publication record of the candidate should be very strong in his/her respective discipline. The candidate will develop state of the art theory and models of cognition and intelligence by using neural networks, data analysis and multielectrode neural data. The main research topic of our lab is decision-making, from a multidisciplinary angle.

Application deadline: 27/09/2021

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Postdoctoral Research fellows in the area of reinforcement learning theory


The AI and machine learning group is seeking two postdoctoral research fellows in the area of reinforcement learning theory to work on projects related to the performance analysis of entropy-regularized reinforcement learning algorithms.

Application deadline: 23/09/2021

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