PhD in Economics, Finance and Management

Filippo Ippolito, Placement Officer

Filippo Ippolito

Placement Officer 2017-18

After completing their degrees, alumni pursue diverse careers all over the world. Alumni have obtained select positions in industries such as banking and financial institutions, international organisations, consultancies, research institutions, and the public sector. See our list of alumni.

A growing, global network of talented professionals and academics, our recently graduated PhD alumni benefit from the high-quality education and prestige of the GPEFM programme.

The below students exemplify great commitment and passion in their studies and are well qualified for competitive placement.

Albert, Christoph  
Job Market Paper: The Labor Market Impact of Undocumented Immigrants: Job Creation vs. Job Competition
Advisors: Prof. Regis Barnichon and Prof. Albrecht Glitz
Research Fields: Labor Economics. Migration Economics
Daniele, Federica  
Job Market Paper: The Implications of Declining Firm-Level Uncertainty for Consumption Variety and Cities
Advisors: Prof. Jan Eeckhout and Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Economic Geography. Labor Economics. 
Faltermeier, Julia  
Job Market Paper: The Marginal Product of Capital: New Facts and Interpretation
Advisors: Prof. Luca Fornaro and Prof. Jaume Ventura
Research Fields: International Economics. Macroeconomics
Figueiredo, Ana  
Job Market Paper: Information Frictions in Education and Inequality
Advisor: Prof. Jan Eeckhout
Research Fields: Macroeconomics, Labor and Informational Frictions
Guasch, Martí  
Job Market Peper: The information content of earnings announcements in newly public firms: Evidence from the JOBS Act
Advisors: Prof. Javier Gómez-Biscarri and Prof. Mircea Epure
Research Fields: Accounting and Entrepreneurial Finance
Gudmundsson, Stefan G.  
Job Market Paper: Community Detection in Large Vector Autoregressions
Advisor: Prof. Gabor Lugosi
Research Fields: Network Analysis. Time Series. Econometrics
Hans, Christina  
job Market Paper: Fire-Sale Spillovers in A Network Perspective
Advisors: Prof. Christian Brownlees and Prof. José Luis Peydró
Research Fields: Systemic Risk and Financial Networks
Kanngiesser, Derrick  
Job Market Paper: Overinvestment, Financial Crises and Policy
Advisors: Prof. Jordi Galí and Prof. Luca Fornaro
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics. Applied Macroeconometrics
Khametshin, Dmitry  
Job Market Paper: Central Bank Liquidity Provision and Segmentation of Collateral Markets
Advisor: Prof. José Luis Peydró
Research Fields: Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, International Finance.
Konovalova, Elizaveta  
Job Market Paper:

An Information Sampling Explanation for the In-Group Heterogeneity Effect

Advisor: Prof. Gaël Le Mens
Research Fields:

Judgment and Decision Making, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Behavior

Mauersberger, Felix  
Job Market Paper:

Thompson Sampling: Endogenously Random Behavior in Games and Markets

Advisor: Prof. Rosemarie Nagel
Research Fields: Applied Economic Theory, Behavioral Economics. Experimental Economics.
Odendahl, Florens  
Job Market Paper: Survey-Based Multivariate Density Forecasts
Advisor: Prof. Barbara Rossi
Research Fields: Time Series Econometrics. Applied Macroeconometrics. Forecasting. Statistics.
Pozo, Jorge  
Job Market Paper: Macroprudential Policies in an Open Economy


Prof. Andrea Caggese and Prof. Luca Fornaro
Research Fields: Macroeconomics.
Queirós, Francisco  
Job Market Paper: Asset Bubbles and Product Market Competition
Advisors: Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Jaume Ventura
Research Fields: Macroeconomic Theory, Financial Macroeconomics, Firm and Industry Dynamics.
Soto, Paul  
Job Market Paper: Breaking the Word Bank:Effects of Verbal Uncertainty on Bank Behavior
Advisors: Prof. José Luis Peydró and Prof. Andrea Polo
Research Fields: Empirical Banking. Financial Intermediation.
Tekin, Muge  
Job Market Paper: Competitive Intelligence Based on Marginal Information (with K. Talluri)
Advisor: Prof. Kalyan Talluri
Research Fields: Operations Management. Business Analytics. Pricing and Revenue Management.
Wei, Jianxing  
Job Market Paper: A Model of Bank Credit Cycles (with Tong Xu)
Advisor: Prof. Albert Banal-Estañol
Research Fields: Banking. Corporate Finance. Corporate Governance
Zejcirovic, Dijana  
Job Market Paper: Can Pharmaceutical Promotion to Physicians lead to Adverse Health Outcomes? Evidence from the Opioid Epidemic in the US
Advisor: Prof. Alessandro Tarozzi
Research Fields: Development Economics. Health Economics. Political Economy
Zhang, Donghai  
Job Market Paper: Term Structure, Forecast Revision and the Information Channel of Monetary Policy
Advisors: Prof. Davide Debortoli and Prof. Barbara Rossi
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics. Time Series Econometrics
Ziegenbein, Alexander  
Job Market Paper: Can Tax Cuts Restore Economic Growth in Bad Times?
Advisor:  Prof. Regis Barnichon and Prof. Luca Fornaro
Research Fields: Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics. Labor Economics
Zou, Yimei  
Job Market Paper: Endogenous Production Networks and Gains from Trade
Advisor: Prof. Jaume Ventura
Research Fields: International Economics. Macroeconomics