Job Market Candidates 2016-2017

PhD in Economics, Finance and Management

Filippo Ippolito, Placement Officer 2015-16
Filippo Ippolito
Placement Officer 2016-17

After completing their degrees, alumni pursue diverse careers all over the world. Alumni have obtained select positions in industries such as banking and financial institutions, international organisations, consultancies, research institutions, and the public sector. See our list of alumni.

A growing, global network of talented professionals and academics, our recently graduated PhD alumni benefit from the high-quality education and prestige of the GPEFM programme.

The below students exemplify great commitment and passion in their studies and are well qualified for competitive placement.

Bellés-Obrero, Cristina  
Research Interests: Economics of Education, Health Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Paper Title: "Who is Learning? A Field Experiment Comparing Three Different Incentive Schemes in the Same Educational Setting"
Advisor: Prof. Robin Hogarth
De Jesus, Miguel Karlo  
Research Interests: Financial Economics, Financial Intermediation, Asset Pricing 
Paper Title: "The Domestic Transmission of International Shocks: Evidence from US and Mexican Mutual Funds"
Advisor: Prof. Xavier Freixas
Ganics, Gergely  
Research Interests: Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Forecasting
Paper Title: "Optimal Density Forecast Combinations"
Advisor: Prof. Barbara Rossi
Hernandez-Pizarro, Helena  
Research Interests: Public Economics, Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics (Education, Family, Gender and Behavioral)
Paper Title: "The Effect of the Long-Term Care Benefits on Mortality"
Advisor: Prof. Guillem López-Casasnovas
Huber, Stefanie  
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Macro-Finance, Real Estate, House Price Fluctuations and Bubbles, Macro-Prudential Policy, Experimental Economics
Paper Title: "Preferences for Housing Services and Rational Housing Bubbles"
Advisor: Prof. Jordi Galí
Lombardi, María  
Research Interests: Development Economics, Economics of Education, Political Economy
Paper Title: “Teacher Performance Pay and Student Learning: Evidence from a Nationwide Program in Peru
Advisor: Prof. Libertad González and Prof. Stephan Litschig
Maertens, Ricardo  
Research Interests: Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics 
Paper Title: "Biofueling Poor Fetal Health?"
Advisor: Prof. Antonio Ciccone
Stoerk, Thomas  
Research Interests: Environmental and Energy Economics, Economics of Climate Change, Applied Microeconomics
Paper Title: "Compliance, Efficiency, and Instrument Choice: Evidence from Air Pollution Control in China"
Advisors: Prof. Humberto Llavador and Prof. Antoine Dechezleprêtre
Sun, Yucheng  
Research Interests: Financial Econometrics, Continuous-Time Finance, Statistical Computations, Non-Parametric Estimation
Paper Title: "Detecting Price Jumps in the Presence of Market Microstructure Noise"
Advisors: Prof. Eulàlia Nualart and Prof. Christian Brownlees
Tang, Haozhou  
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics
Paper Title: "Asset Price Bubbles and the Distribution of Firms: a Theory of Economic Expansions with an Application to Spain"
Advisors: Prof. Jaume Ventura and Prof. Alberto Martin
Williams, Tomas  
Research Interests: International Economics, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics
Paper Title: "Capital Inflows, Sovereign Debt and Bank Lending: Micro-Evidence from an Emerging Market"


Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Alberto Martin