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37th Annual Course of Human Rights

37th Annual Course of Human Rights


TRANSGANG  IP, Carles Feixa, is participating in the 37th Annual Course of Human Rights as an expert in youth cultures.



 The course, that takes place every year, has as its main objective to offer the possibility of having an insight of human rights, their defense and progress. This year's edition focuses on the analysis of the current context of regression and limitation of rights, and in offering answers from a positive and constructivist perspective, in order to recover civil society spaces as agents of assertion and social transformation.

The course is intended for people who directly or indirectly works different aspects of human rights, as well as students and citizens interested in the defense of human rights. The speakers are experts from the academia, civil society and human rights defense associations. Sessions are attendance-based, but there will also be online resources and side activities.

The course will take place in  Universitat de Barcelona, from March 18th to April 4th, 2019, inscriptions are opened and limited to a maximum of 80 participants.


For further information, programme and online inscriptions: