In the framework of the project, we are producing three Documentary films, based on a week’s workshop with the participation of local young gang members. This will create a fictional episode based on their own life, under the direction of a Filmakers. 
The Transgang project aimto establish an enriching exchange with cinematographic practice, which may also result in a theoretical contribution to this debate based on experimentation:

1) Giving ourselves quality criteria for film production connected to research means applying a renewed requirement to film production related to anthropology, a requirement both on a technical and creative level.

2) To face the lack of knowledge, from the academy, of the elements that give quality to a film. 

3) Combat the pedagogical impulse and the illustrative temptations that from the academy can be projected in the cinematographic production.

4) Fostering the recognition of cinema with ethnographic value by the academic world must arise from valuing the contribution that cinema can make to anthropological understanding precisely from the diversity