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Transgang is a new way of interpreting youth gangs, seeing then as an actor of mediation rather than a security problem
European Research CouncilThis project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No742705).
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Comparative Perspectives II: Youth Street Groups in the South of Europe
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TRANSGANG Training Seminar: Media Representation of Youth street groups

La investigadora colabora de nuestro proyecto María-José Masanet nos presenta una interesante perspectiva de la representación de grupos juveniles de calle.

Publicado por Transgang em Quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2020
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  1. Segre Article
    April 07, 2017
    Segre writes an article about Carles Feixa's scholarship award that was an precedent to Transgang. Full article here
  2. La Mañana Article
    April 07, 2017
    La Mañana writes an article about Carles Feixa's scholarship award that was an precedent to Transgang. Full article here
  3. 7Accent Article
    April 07, 2017
    Catalunya Diary 7accents writes an article about Carles Feixa's scholarship award that was an precedent to Transgang. Full article here
  4. El Punt Article
    April 08, 2017
    Catalunya Diary El Punt writes an article about Carles Feixa's scholarship award that was an precedent to Transgang. Full article here
  5. La Vanguardia Interview
    May 19, 2017
    Rosa Matas interviewed Carles Feixa where our IP shows a little bit of his years of experience with youth gangs dynamics before the project. Full article here
  6. El País Article
    October 10, 2017
    Urzaiz Begoña Gómez wrote an article on El País about Carles Feixa's scholarship that was a beginning of what would become Transgang.
  7. Diario Vice Interview
    November 24, 2017
    Carles Feixa is interviewed in Diario Vice, talking about Youth Gangs. See full episode here
  8. W Radio Interview
    January 04, 2018
    Carles Feixa is interviewed in W Radio, speaking about hip-hop music as a conflict mediation for youth gangs. Listen full episode here
  9. Transgang Presentation to UPF
    January 18, 2018
    Presentation of the project to Taula de Nova Reserca of UPF, Barcelona, an space to present new investigations at this university.
  10. La Vanguardia News
    January 22, 2018
    La Vanguardia wrote a news just after we signed the agreement. Full article here.
  11. Interview at Hora Punta
    February 05, 2018
    Carles Feixa participated in Hora Punta, an Interview Show of RTVE, a public channel in Spain. The theme of this show was What Is Happening with the Youth. See full episode here
  12. Transgang Presentation to International Congress in Cuba
    March 26, 2018
    Presentation of the project in Internation Youth's Researchers Congress in La Habana Cuba.
  13. Communication in Conference in Cuba
    March 26, 2018
    Communication called Transnational Gangs as agents of mediation by Carles Feixa and José Sánchez García at Internation Youth's Researchers Congress in La Habana Cuba.
  14. Transgang Presentation to Universidad del Oriente
    March 30, 2018
    Presentation of the project to Universidad del Oriente in La Habana Cuba.
  15. Transgang Presentation to UAM
    May 20, 2018
    Presentation of the project to UAM, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid.
  16. Communication in Conference in Barcelona
    May 25, 2018
    Communication called Transnational gangs as agents of mediation. by Carles Feixa at XXXVI LASA:Latin American Studies in a Globalized World, Panel “Biopolitics and Youth” in Barcelona
  17. Seminar Presentation in Eurogang
    June 27, 2018
    Presentation called Transnational Gangs as Agents of Mediation by Carles Feixa and Ariadna Fernandez Planells in Eurogang, Rotterdam.
  18. Communication in Conference in Porto
    July 07, 2018
    Communication called Gendered Flows. From urban tribes to transnational gangs. KISMIF 4: ‘Keep It Simple, Make It Fast!Gender, differences, identities and DIY cultures by Carles Feixa in Porto.
  19. Organization of a Session in XIX ISA, Toronto
    July 17, 2018
    Session Organization XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology called Violences: Global Youth Encounters with Physical, Symbolic and Structural Violence by Carmen Leccardi and Carles Feixa as co-chair in Toronto. Presentations here
  20. Participation in Social Mundial Pre Forum
    July 18, 2018
    Presentation called Urban Culture and Migration Impact in II Meeting about Migration and Development in Social Mundial Pre Forum, Rumiñahui Asociation, Quito.
  21. External Training to Cat. International Peace
    September 13, 2018
    External Training by Carles Feixa to Catalunyan International Peace about Youth: From victims and attackers to peace constructors in Violence Outside War Contexts Seminar
  22. Transgang Training Seminar 01
    Octubre 3, 2018
    Just before we have our Kick-off Meeting, we had the great opportunity to learn about Medellin's situation in our First Training Seminars.
  23. Kick-off Meeting
    Octuber 9-11, 2018
    Here is where our journey started! Here you can see what was the programme. Here we have videos with some of the equip. Enjoy! :)
  24. El Nacional
    October 11, 2018
    Gustau Nerín wrote in El Nacional, a diary from Catalunya, an article commenting the release of the proyect. Full article here.
  25. Seminar Presentation in Bogotá
    October 16, 2018
    Presentation called War and Peace in Youth Gangs by Carles Feixa in Seminar: Social Frictions in Contemporanies Cities: Etnography, Urban, Youth, Security and Sexualities. Universidad Nacional, Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia ICANH, Bogotá
  26. External Training to Youth Knowledge Network
    October 22, 2018
    External Training by Carles Feixa to Youth Knowledge Network in Medellin.
  27. Seminar Presentation in PNUD
    October 24, 2018
    Presentation called Understanding gangs by Carles Feixa in Expert group “Responses to situations of high criminal violence: the case of El Salvador”, Conflict prevention and peace forum, PNUD, New York (USA).
  28. Inaugural Conference in Tlaxcala
    October 29, 2018
    Inaugural Conference called Researching transnational youth groups by Carles Feixa in International Youth Studies Seminar. Dialogues between Spain and México, Tlaxcala.
  29. El Periódico Article
    November 02, 2018
    Imma Fernández and Guillem Sànchez wrote in El Periódico an article were our researchers were interviewed, and discussed the necessity of mediation to avoid violence. Full article is here.
  30. Intercultural Mediation Seminar
    Nov, 2018 - Dec, 2018
    Just after we started our project we have made a Intercultural Mediation Seminar to give participants an overview of what mediation is an how it can be used as a tool to deal with conflict both within the groups and between groups and society. You can see everything about here. Enjoy! :)
  31. Rac 1
    January 23, 2019
    Carles Feixa was part of Agnès Marquès' special report about El Salvador and the Maras. Listen full radio report here
  32. El País
    February 17, 2019
    José Sánchez García was interviewed in a report about Graffiti in the metros of Barcelona. Read full article here
  33. Transgang Training Seminar 02
    April 10, 2019
    Our second Training seminar was with the psychologist Candy Chávez that explained to us some keys to understand how El Salvador Gangs have changed during their history, pointing the generational perspective.
  34. Transgang Presentation in Tunis
    May 01, 2019
    Presentation of the TRANSGANG Project: Researching Youth Street Groups in Tunisa
  35. Virtual Seminar
    May 4, 2019
    External Training by Rachid Touhtou about Youth and the Arab Spring.
  36. TV3 Interview
    May 15, 2019
    Carles Feixa was part of a special about Reggaeton in El Mundo. See full article here
  37. External Training to FEPA y La Caixa
    May 16, 2019
    External Training by Carles Feixa César Andrade to +18 Perspective Cycle: ex tutee youth people atention, FEPA and Obra Social La Caixa about How to foment ex tutee youth people participation.
  38. Award in ERC Grants
    May 16, 2019
    The TRANSGANG Project received the award Scientific Excellence in Catalonia: +300 ERC Grants bt Secretariat for Universities and Research, Ministry of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia in CCCB. Barcelona :D. See more info here
  39. Transgang Training Seminar 03
    May 27, 2019
    Our Third Training Seminar was with Bethlehem University's professor Abeer Musleh who talked about Violence, Youth and Agencies in MENA countries.
  40. TV3 Interview
    May 30, 2019
    Carles Feixa was part of a special about Reggaeton in TV3, Catalunya public Television. See full episode here
  41. Communication in Conference in Madrid
    June 26, 2018
    Communication called Gang Memories: Transnational Gangs as Agents of Mediation by Carles Feixa, Mariah Oliver and Katia Núñez in Madrid.
  42. Note on El País
    June 28, 2019
    J. A. Aunión wrote an article presenting our project in El País, the spanish diary, based upon a presentation on Congress of Memory by some of our researchers. You can see the full article here
  43. Cadena Ser Special
    June 29, 2019
    Katia Núñezparticipated in a Cadena ser Special about our investigation.Listen full programme
  44. Communication in Conference in Valencia
    July 04, 2019
    Communication called Transgang: New Points of View about transnational youth gangs in Global Era by Carles Feixa, Ana Balén Cano and Eduard Ballesté in Valencia.
  45. Transgang Training Seminar 04
    July 09, 2019
    We took a chance to understand a little bit more the dynamics of (Trans)gangs in Chicago in a Internal Seminal helped by Esther Ortiz y Manuel Gines.
  46. Transgang Training Seminar 05
    July 18, 2019
    Our Forth Training Seminar was with Riverside University's assistent professor Randol Contreras who talked about Violence, Youth and Agencies in MENA countries.
  47. Transgang Training Seminar 06
    July 22, 2019
    Our Sixth Training Seminar was with Yousra Sandabad who talked about The Youth, the Street and the State: an alternative perspective on Tcharmil in Morocco.
  48. Transgang Training Seminar 07
    Octubre 04, 2019
    In that opportunity, William Ross, know as King Mission inside Latin Kings, told his history and helped to understand more Latin King's history.
  49. External Training to UPF
    October 10, 2019
    External Training by Maria-Jose Massanet to Taula Nova Recerca, UPF, Barcelona about youth people in TV Series, from "Física y Química" to "The Wire".
  50. Transgang Training Seminar 08
    Octubre 11, 2019
    Alejandro Ventura, as a part of his book presentation about Youth and Cinema, focusing in how Youth Gangs were represented by cinema across its history.
  51. Transgang Training Seminar 09
    Octubre 21, 2019
    Adam Brisley presented to us the Ethical Handbook for our fieldwork and we were able to discuss some novelty and challenges on ethical issues.
  52. Transgang In Colombia
    November 6, 2019
    Transgang Project Presentation in Youth, Subjectivities, Mediations and Territories in Medellin, Colombia.
  53. External Training to Betlehem University
    November 08, 2019
    External Training by Jose Sánchez García to Master in Social Work, Betlehem University, Betlehem, Palestina about Youth culturesand Violence in Arab Societie
  54. External Training to Betlehem University
    November 08, 2019
    External Training by Jose to Youth Knowledge Network in Medellin.
  55. Transgang Training Seminar 10
    November 11, 2019
    Roger Soler helped us to understand how other european projects, Transmedia literacy and MYPLACE created their categories to produce a metaetnography to understand the network between different group studies.
  56. Transgang Presentation in Algeria
    November 19, 2019
    Transgang Presentation in Algeria.
  57. Transgang Training Seminar 11
    November 27, 2019
    Juan Mansilla explained to us how he has designed the Gangpedia, as a platform for dialogue between researchers, youth gang members and society.
  58. RTVE Interview
    November 27, 2019
    Carles Feixa was interviewed at El Gallo que no Cesa, a radio show of RTVE, the spanish public radio, about latin youth gangs. Listen full show here
  59. External Training to UPF
    December 5, 2019
    External Training by Margot Mecca about Visual Anthropology in Transgang.
  60. External Training to UPF
    December 5, 2019
    External Training by Jose Sánchez García named In My Name and In the Name of Everybody who lives in Misery. Urban Music in political protests in Egypt and Tunesia.
  61. Transgang Training Seminar 12
    December 20, 2019
    Nele Hansen, based upon her work with Bgirls and the hip-hop movement inmigrant scene in Barcelona, helped us to understand Gender approach and how can we think this in our project.
  62. Radio 5
    January 09, 2020
    Carles Feixa was interviewed at Radio 5, a radio show of RTVE, the spanish public radio, about Maras. Listen full show here
  63. Transgang Training Seminar 13
    January 23, 2020
    Marta Sabriego introduced to our researchers how to use NVivo, a powerfull qualitative analysis tool that we decided to use in our research.
  64. La Vanguardia Mention
    January 24, 2020
    The academic paper about rap in Egipt made by Jose Sánchez García and Carles Feixa was cited in La Vanguardia. See full article here
  65. CCMA Interview
    January 23, 2020
    Jose Sánchez García participates in Assaig general talking about music as a political and social intervention. Listen full show here
  66. El Rey on News
    January 23, 2020
    Carles Feixa and César Andrade book release was a hit in the Media, being news in 7 countries! It has repercussion on Catalunya Vanguardista, Diario RTVE, Diario Libre, Diario de Cali, El Comercio, La Vanguardia, El País, Público, Cadena Ser, El Nacional, Sputnik News, TV 3, El Temps, Diario de BurgosEl Día Soria, Kitsch Film, Onda Cero, El Ciudadano, Corriere and La Marea. Choose your favorite media and take a look :)
  67. Transgang Training Seminar 14
    March 13, 2020
    Jose Sánchez García presented an initial approach of comparatives perspectives, presenting relations in North of Africa.
  68. Transgang Training Seminar 15
    March 20, 2020
    Ligia Lavielle presented an analysis of 3 informal colectives en Santiago Cuba, exploring what her called the ¨black and white¨ of disenchantment and joy of these experiences.
  69. Diario 16
    May 01, 2020
    Two articles made by David Álvez in Diario 16 had Jose Sánchez García as one of his source to talk about Graffitti and Islamophobia. See both articles here
  70. Transgang Training Seminar 16
    May 05, 2020
    Our first online Training Seminar, Raúl Calvo Soler talked about Restorative Justice. You can see everything here :D
  71. External Training to UPF
    May 26, 2020
    External Training by Jose Sánchez García about Gangs' legal treatment in El Salvador and Spain in Criminology Seminars.
  72. First El Rey Release
    May 31, 2020
    Release of El Rey in Nollegiu Library. You can see all the presentation here!
  73. External Training to U.A.Tlaxcala
    June 20, 2020
    External Training by Jose Sánchez García about Youth people and Estructural Violence in Magreb in Dialogues about Gender, Youth and Confinament, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, México
  74. Second El Rey Release
    June 28, 2020
    Release of El Rey Online with very special guests. Check it out!
  75. Massanet Sign An Agreement with Us
    July 17, 2020
    Maria-Jose Masanet sign an investigation agreement to study Media representations and youth Street organizations
  76. Seminar Presentation (Online)
    July 15, 2020
    Online Presentation called Two-ways Transnationalism: The Four Homelands of the Latin Kings. International Workshop: Transnational Humans and Transnationalism in the Humanities: Crossing Boundaries in the Americas by Carles Feixa in American University, Washington, D.C and Freie Universität, Berlin
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