TRANSGANG incorporates and implements throughout the whole research process the ethical guidelines of social sciences, humanities and research with human beings, recognized in the guidelines, codes and ethical standards promoted by EU legislation. In addition, the procedures implemented recognize the different ethical codes of the International Association of Sociology and the American Anthropological Association and the procedures recommended in both documents.

The subject of the research is extremely sensitive so it is essential to follow rigorous ethical processes to adequately safeguard the interests of all research participants regardless of their contribution before, during and after any activity carried out within the framework of the research project. Thus, the usual informed consent documents (whether they are stakeholders or members of gangs, children, adults or young people) have been created in appropriate language forms for the different participants and in native languages (Spanish and Arabic). In this way, we ensure the perfect understanding of all the participants of the commitment they acquire by signing these documents and guarantee the confidentiality of their participation. In addition, all researchers must commit to follow the procedures designed exclusively for the project by signing the ethical protocol during all phases of the investigation. To guarantee this ethical commitment, TRANSGANG has established an Ethical Advisory Board and a Risk Management plan as a framework to ensure that situations of risk and uncertainty for both researchers and participants are solved. The Risk Management plan is integrated into the overall project management processes and the Ethical Advisory Board is present at all stages of the project to guarantee the established ethical procedures.