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Thanks to our ABI 7900HT (Aplied Biosystems), QuantStudio 12K (Applied Biosystems) and two LightCycler (Roche) equipments we offer a wide variety of services as real-time PCR in 384 well-plates, OpenArray, or TLDA (TaqMan Low-Density arrays) microfluidic cards for absolute and relative quantificaction of nucleic acids, high resolution melting and SNP genotyping.

This a self-service application, please read the user policy and book here your equipment.

Users policy

• Equipment

The ABI7900HT, QuantStudio 12K and LightCycler 480 equipments are freely available (0 to 24h) for registered users, after booking online

New users please first contact the core facility staff ([email protected]).

To make your reservations, please remember:                                          
          - Only one reservation can be made at a time          
          - There will always be at least 30 minutes between reservations       
          - Cancellations must be done at least 2 hours before, otherwise reservation will be invoiced.

• Reagents

The core facility supplies LightCycler 480 SYBR Green I Master (Roche) in 5 ml tubes.